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  • Bob and Sue
    Hi Carol, thank you for posting this information. My Bobtail is approx. 7-8 yrs. of age. Young since we ve been treating the CRF for 2+ yrs. now. We were
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      Hi Carol, thank you for posting this information. My Bobtail is approx. 7-8 yrs. of age. Young since we've been treating the CRF for 2+ yrs. now. We were doing so well with little to NO intervention from vet visits. Wellness visits that's all. It's difficult to accept that so much more can complicate matters of the heart and Thyroid when you have CRF. This for us is another hurdle to try to over come. Food has always been a problem. Now he won't touch any canned food nor will he even touch FF which he's been eating for so long.This Thyroid really makes my job even harder to find renal diets that won't further complicate the kidneys and affect his heart. His chicken I prepare really is 1/2 raw never cooking it all the way. For some reason, he is really enjoying it. I have Venison from this years hunting. I may defrost a small portion and try that. I will also look into the information that you have provided in hopes of finding more foods for him to safely eat. thank you so much.....I have always beleved in feeding carnivores a more staple diet-raw if they'll eat it.

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      Hi Sue,

      I fed our CRF/heart kitty, Misty, Wellness canned foods for many years since her diagnosis in 2006 with CRF. We use either the chicken or turkey ones. We don't use any fish flavors, because they're too high in phosphorus for CRF kitties. Well, after so many years, Misty decided she didn't like the Wellness food anymore, so we tried Wilderness no grain canned food, which she ate for about two months and got tired of that too. Now we feed her raw, either Primal chicken/salmon (yes, I had to cave in with the fishy ingredients) or Rad Cat chicken. Rad cat also makes a turkey and lamb, but she doesn't like those. Primal also comes in other flavors (turkey, beef, pheasant, duck).

      I've always thought that feeding the raw diets was best for CRF kitties, because I learned a long time ago, with my first CRF kitty, Sweetie, that cooked protein is much harder on the kidneys than raw protein. That's why they always want you to give a "low protein/low phos" diet to CRF cats, it's because the cooked protein takes much longer and is much more work for the kidneys to process it. Raw meat, even though it's more, let's say, "potent" (I know that's not the right word), is "higher" in protein, but the protein is more readily bioavailable to the body and easier for the kidneys to process. I don't have any scientific study to back this up, it's just what I was told years ago and what I've read on many websites and lots of cat diet books. So way back then, in 2000, when Sweetie was first diagnosed with CRF, I did the prescription foods, but she shunned them pretty quickly, then I tried various other canned foods, finally giving up on that and settled on a raw food called Steve's Real Food for Cats. She ate that for the rest of her life, which was till Oct. 2003.

      I know the food thing is a really touchy subject a lot of the time, but the thing that I figure is that if I try to feed my cat the prescription foods and she won't eat them, then what good am I doing. A long time ago, someone on the CRF group I was on said that "any food is better than no food", which I do agree with to some extent. So I gave up on the prescription foods long ago, and have always tried to feed my special needs kitties the best of what I can find that is the least junk and the least bad stuff for their kidneys, liver, heart, etc.. For us, it was raw. For others it may be canned or dry or whatever.

      One thing I have to tell you about the raw food and Misty... ever since she's been eating the raw food, her BUN and creatinine went down. That's pretty good for 20yr old Misty and as long as she likes the food and it's not killing her kidneys, I'll give her whatever she wants!

      Hope any of this helps. Oh...by the way... here are a couple of links to sites that have food analysis, so you can kind of look through and see what might be good for you. One is for crf cats, the other for diabetes cats, but the info is really good.


      Carol and Angel Snowball
      and the gang

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      Is there any other NON prescription diets out there for our ailing kitties? I'm racking my brains looking on-line for a Renal diet for my CRF and/or anything we should be avoiding in the way of certain foods because of his enlarged heart/mur mur as well as the new diagnosis of Hyper Thyroid...So much to take in......

      Sue & Bobtail

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