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Re: Carvedilol vs. Atenolol, New to group

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  • Carol
    Our Tootsie was found to have a severe arrhythmia and was put on sotolol, liquid form which she really didn t like taking. She was also on amlodipine for very
    Message 1 of 7 , May 27, 2011
      Our Tootsie was found to have a severe arrhythmia and was put on sotolol, liquid form which she really didn't like taking. She was also on amlodipine for very high blood pressure, enalapril for proteinuria, tramadol/gabapentin/aspirin for spinal bone spur pain, 100ml subq eod for crf. Thank goodness you are able to take Giuseppe to a cardiologist! When Tootsie's heart problems were learned, we did cut her fluids back.

      Tootsie's sister, Mellie, takes atenolol for a very rapid heartbeat and she has no problems in taking it. Her condition was found after she had a stroke caused by lack of proper blood flow. Initially she did sleep a lot but it did lessen after a month, and after several months we were able to cut the dose in half (from twice daily to once daily). It has been 3 yrs since Mellie's stroke and she's still doing well.

      How wonderful that your Giuseppe is almost 20!

      carol and mellie

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "grace83672004" <grace8367@...> wrote:
      > Hi Everyone,
      > I have just joined this group as my 19 (almost 20!) year old Siamese, Giuseppe, who has been in exceptionally good health collapsed this weekend. After 48 hrs at the emergency hospital and a visit to the Veterinary Cardiologist the collapse was attributed to a possible heart attack, much to the surprise of the cardiologist. Fortunately, there is no CHF and the overall damage was much less than expected.
      > My furious research has led me to this group and to the conclusion that Giuseppe's collapse was probably due to a severe arrhythmia although they haven't seen anything but mild arrhythmia on recent monitoring. He now has a grade 3 murmur and intermittant arrhythmia which were not present 6 weeks ago at his last check-up.
      > We came home with a scrip for Carvedilol and aspirin (1/4 of a tab every 3 days). He took his first tiny dose of Carvedilol last night- 1/4 of a 3.125mg tablet and reacted badly. 45 minutes after the dose he was very wobbly, couldn't stand, alert but lethargic.
      > I spoke with the cardiologist today and he said that with that reaction it was unlikely that we would be able to build up the dosage as he was hoping so we are changing to Atenolol. I know that these are both beta-blockers and I'm so worried that Giuseppe will also have a bad reaction to this drug. I pick it up tomorrow from the compounding pharmacy but in the meantime I thought I'd see if anyone else had a less than favorable experience with Carvedilol but success with Atenolol.
      > Giuseppe is also on 150ml of fluid e/o day for CRF which we have kept at bay for 18 months, stable BUN and Creatine at the low end of "high", 1/4 pepcid, Cosequin, 1/8tsp Miralax, and a senior vitamin daily.
      > Any advice/experiences/similar experiences would be comforting and much appreciated as I familarize myself with the nuances of this rotten disease.
      > Thanks much!
      > Colleen
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