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Re: Can CoQ10 exacerbate bowel problems?

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  • Jim Sinclair
    ... Further update: The other day he spat out his metronidazole tablet and I didn t have the heart to force it into him again, since he s doing so well and he
    Message 1 of 4 , May 27, 2011
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      On Mon, May 23, 2011 at 12:30 PM, Jim Sinclair <jisincla@...> wrote:

      > So now he's been getting metronidazole once a day, CoQ10 again, and
      > fluid every third or fourth day.
      > He is doing dramatically better! He's always hungry and I think he
      > feels noticeably heavier than he did a week ago. His coat looks more
      > sleek and less scraggly. He comes to cuddle every night and frequently
      > during the day. (He's on my lap right now as I'm typing this.) Last
      > night he gave me a long and very thorough scalp massage (leaving me
      > with a kind of sideways mohawk) accompanied by thunderous purring. And
      > his belly, which has felt spongy and floppy for months, now feels a
      > little bit firm again!

      Further update: The other day he spat out his metronidazole tablet and
      I didn't have the heart to force it into him again, since he's doing
      so well and he hates it so much. I decided to reduce the metronidazole
      still further, to one dose every other day. Each dose is approximately
      1/8 of a 250 mg tablet, so about 30-33 mg allowing for imprecise

      Meanwhile he is now back to getting the same amount of CoQ10 as Clipsy
      and Buttercup are getting.

      Also, I missed giving him his fluids again yesterday--the second
      Thursday in a row--because of just having too many things to do in a
      day and having his hydration days come on different days every week. I
      gave him the fluids this morning instead. I think it will work better
      for me, instead of every three days, to hydrate him every Monday and
      Friday so it's still twice a week, but the same two days every week.
      If the vet says to go back to doing it "every other day," then I'll
      probably do Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for three times a week.

      He continues to be hungry, alert, cuddly, purry, and more and more his
      old sweet self again. It's like he's gradually rematerializing after
      being just a ghost of himself for months.

      I talked to my vet last week about trying him with Tylan instead of
      metronidazole, and she said that would be fine. I think what I'm going
      to do is take him completely off the metronidazole, continue the
      fluids and the supplements (more about those below), and watch him
      closely. If he resumes vomiting, diarrhea, or inappetence, then I'll
      start him on Tylan.

      About supplements: While I was at my mother's house I found this
      handwritten note from 2005, when Willow and Clipsy both stopped eating
      while I was overseas, and my mother didn't know how to syringe-feed
      them, and they were both very ill with hepatic lipidosis--Clipsy much
      worse than Willow--by the time I got back. These were the
      recommendations I got for supplements while syringe-feeding them, and
      they worked very well for their livers:

      272 calories, ~20 g protein
      250 mg taurine
      250 mg L-carnitine
      100 IU vitamin E
      1/4 B complex cap (no further notes about what kind or amount of B vitamins)
      1/2 SAM-e tablet (doesn't indicate how much SAM-e per tablet)
      2000 mg omega 3
      500 mg cornsilk
      1/4 cap silymarin (doesn't indicate how much silymarin per cap)
      1/4 cap Prozyme
      1/4 oz mangosteen
      Up to 2 noni caps (doesn't indicate amount of noni per cap)

      Looking at this now, I see that Clipsy has already been getting 250 mg
      of L-carnitine supplement a day for her HCM, but Willow hasn't. This
      morning I started giving it to Willow as well as Clipsy.

      The cardiologist said not to give Clipsy additional taurine because
      her level is already so high, and I would think this applies to Willow
      as well because they're both on the same diet.

      I add Prozyme to all the cats' food, as well as ground flaxseed for
      omega fatty acids.

      I also give them all L-lysine (which is not on the list from 2005), at
      my vet's recommendation, in case the chronic sneezing several of them
      have might be caused by herpes.

      I haven't seen mangosteen or noni recommended in any of the cat groups
      I'm on, and as I recall they both tasted nasty and were hard to get
      into the cats, so I'm not inclined to try them again.

      My vet has recommended SAM-e before, and I do have some, but it's been
      difficult to get the cats to take it. I will try again with that.

      That leaves vitamin E, B complex, corn silk, and silymarin (which is
      milk thistle). I think the corn silk and silymarin are specifically
      recommended for liver support.

      Do others with IBD/pancreatitis/triaditis cats like Willow, and/or HCM
      cats like Clipsy, think any of these would be good to add to Willow's
      and/or Clipsy's supplement regimen?

      Would ongoing vitamin B12 injections be advisable for some or all of
      the older cats, if there's concern about absorption from their food?
      If so, where is a reliable and affordable place to order injectable

      And speaking of reliable and affordable places to order cat
      prescriptions, even though this is about a different cat with a
      different problem, does anyone have a good lead on albuterol
      (Ventolin) inhalers? I'd been getting Buttercup's inhalers at
      Wal-Mart, $9 for a 60-puff inhaler, but now they don't carry those
      anymore and it costs about $50 for a bigger one.

      Jim Sinclair  jisincla@...
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