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Re: Supplements for heart kitties

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  • tobythelegend
    Carol, my veterinarian is treating my little boy with Plavix. Have you read anything about Plavix? The only article I ve found so far is as follows:
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      Carol, my veterinarian is treating my little boy with Plavix. Have you read anything about Plavix? The only article I've found so far is as follows:


      I'm going to see if I can get an ongoing prescription of Plavix along with his Atenolol, and I'll supplement with CardioStrength. How does that sound?

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "C.R." <carolroar@...> wrote:
      > Since a few folks are asking about the supplements, here is what we have in the files. The info is in the folder "Supplements for Heart Kitties" in the "files" section of the group.
      > http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/feline-heart/files/
      > >>
      > These are the "common" dosages for the supplements listed below.
      > You can vary the dosages according to your cat's needs with the
      > supervision of your vet. With the exception of the Cardio Strength which I've not used, this is just what I've given to my guys, so I suggest you discuss it with your vet or someone knowledgeable about the supplements.
      > ~taurine 250mg/day
      > ~L-carnitine 250mg/day
      > ~CoQ10 30 to 60mg/day
      > CoQ10 that has a tiny bit of vitamin E in it is said to absorb better than straight CoQ10 powder.
      > ~DMG/dimethylglycine 125mg/day
      > DMG comes in foil wrapped sublinqual tablets that you can cut in half and give half twice a day, but make sure you wrap up the unused half well or it being exposed to light and air will make it melt. This is the one I buy made by Food Science of Vermont. By the way, Food Science and Vetri-Science are the same company.
      > http://www.vitacost.com/FoodScience-of-Vermont-Aangamik-DMG
      > It also comes in a liquid made by Vetri-Science. I haven't used the liquid, so am not familiar with dosing it.
      > http://www.vetriscience.com/vetri-dmg-tablets-liquid.php
      > ~a supplement called Cardio Strength by VetriScience (Cardio S in the UK) This has some of the other supplements above, so if you use this one, don't give as much of the others separately.
      > ~Nattokinase 50 to 72mg/day
      > Nattokinase is an enzyme that helps disolve and prevent blood clots.
      > Usually people give this supplement to their cats after they've had an episode of having thrown a clot. First the vet will put them on a blood thinner like Heparin (that's the medication often prescribed for clots), then after the course of Heparin, that's when many will give Nattokinase or aspirin. The difference between Natto and the drug Heparin is that the Heparin just breaks up the clot, where Natto actually digests the clot. You don't give Natto at the same time as any other blood thinner type drug (aspirin or heparin), since they all have the same actions as blood thinners. There are many brands...this is the one that we used.
      > NattoZyme by Nutricology
      > http://www.vitacost.com/NutriCology-Nattozyme
      > http://www.organic-pharmacy.com/Nutricology/Nattozyme.htm
      > >>
      > Carol and Angel Snowball
      > and the gang
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