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  • Renee McCartin
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 23, 2011
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      <,The $180 is for a brief Doppler study that is part of the OFA certification of certain breeds (for AS/SAS usually), it's not a full echocardiogram.>>

      it is used to detect cardiomyopathy in Borzoi(We get a different one than cats), so it may not be so different, just may depend on what you are looking for in the breed. Someone on the Main Coone list suggested it to me

      <,Did your vet take a sample of the fluid? When will you get the results?
      He looked at it under the microscope, I forget what he said he saw(i was numb). He gets dropped off on Monday for a checkup and new xrays. . the biggest obstacle right now is getting him to eat. . .I'm trying everything, the Boost gave him diahrrea so I'm afraid to give him anymore of it. Just forcefed him some baby food and took a nap with him, he curled up on my belly and purred. . .

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