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Re: [FH] Stuart (and Neil's) mommy kitties with RCM

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    Shelly _Shelleee12@aol.com_ (mailto:Shelleee12@aol.com) writes:
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 24, 2011
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      Shelly _Shelleee12@..._ (mailto:Shelleee12@...) writes: <<Sadly,
      Stuart lost his battle with RCM Monday evening. Though I KNEW he had the
      disease and his prognosis was poor I still held out hope that he would be
      magically cured somehow.>>


      I, and every other person on this list, share your sorrow, and truly
      empathize with you. We do know how you feel, the pain you must be enduring, and
      the frustration of not being able to prevent this from happening.

      RCM is a horrible disease and is totally unpredictable. You did exactly the
      right thing with Stuart by making his life wonderful, not knowing if and
      when he would be taken from you. You did everything right and have nothing
      to regret in that respect. It was even more awful that you lost two darlings
      to the same affliction.

      Amy (my wife) and I have an RCM sweetie, Jesse, who is only 13, is under
      the care of a cardiologist and shows no clinical symptoms whatsoever of the
      affliction. He was diagnosed years ago as having HCM, which we've kept under
      control many years, but were totally ignorant of the fact that HCM
      frequently progresses into RCM, which is not as forgiving. Our cardiologist at
      that time did not warn us of this possibility, and perhaps that was just as
      well, as there would have little we could have done to prevent the
      progression, and we would have agonized those many years over the possibility of him
      developing RCM.

      A regular 6-month checkup late last year, including his twice-annually ECG
      and EKG, disclosed that the RCM had developed, albeit in its very early
      stages. He was placed on Enalapril, Aspirin and Pepcid, and seems to be doing
      well. But RCM is an unpredictable condition and a thromboembolism can
      occur, without warning, at any time - regardless of how well he seems to be -
      and that always weighs heavily on our minds.

      We religiously follow the medical protocol and love him to pieces, keep
      Buprenex at home to mitigate the pain during transport to an emergency clinic
      in the event he throws a clot, and hope for the best. No matter how good
      the medical care, RCM does what it does, and whether or not an RCM kitty
      throws a clot just seems to be totally unpredictable and pretty much
      unpreventable if destiny dictates.

      Jesse acts like a perfectly healthy little boy, he's a wonderful
      people-cat, and we pray every day that he will be the exception --- the RCM kitty
      who ultimately goes to The Bridge for other reasons, without suffering.

      Please accept our heartfelt sympathy in your time of immense sorrow.

      Warmest regards.

      Dick Weavil

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