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metacam dosing query about Rigsby - any help/advice welcome

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  • jruthaitken
    hi everyone this is a quick query before I instruct a legal team to sue the vets who gave Rigsby metacam. I have made my complaints about the way he was
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 9, 2011
      hi everyone

      this is a quick query before I instruct a legal team to sue the vets who gave Rigsby metacam. I have made my complaints about the way he was treated between october and november and am awaiting responses at the moment.

      a brief history of how Rigsby came to get CRF.

      on June 19th 2008 he was hit by a car. I found him hiding under a chest of drawers when I came home at 6.15pm. I rushed him to the local vet.
      he was in severe shock and unable to move his back legs. His lungs were bleeding and he was coughing up blood.
      that night the vet did a basic blood panel to assess organ damage. all was fine - urea was 12 and creatinine 93.
      she told me he was critical and may not survive the night. she x-rayed him and saw severe damage to his lungs. she gave him an injection of metacam for dogs 10ml, vetergesic, millophyline, lasix and repeated this the following day but this time with oral metacam 5.5mcg. He was 5.5kilos at the time.

      she left him alone in the vet office because there was no-one working there at night - this happened the two nights he stayed there. He was not given IV fluids. She said the x-ray was not clear so the vet who was working the next day would do another one.

      This second vet told me she would inform the emergency vets (who did work at night!) about Rigsby the day I took him home in case of any emergency. He vomited after the first dose of metacam - immediately - so I called them. They had not received any information about Rigsby. They told me to reduce the metacam dose - clearly they had no idea of the medication he had been given or the risks or ARF.

      I took him back to the surgery monday and explained his bad reaction to metacam - the vet (second one) said that metacam sometimes upsets a cats tummy. that was it. I explained I wasn't happy with it. We continued with it until Rigsby stopped eating all together July 5th and I took him to the emergency vets who gave buprenex. I took him to my vet the following monday - they arranged and carried out a tooth extraction within days- did not take any bloods before hand!

      Rigsby got worse over the summer and swiped the first vet when she squeezed his kidneys - he yowled in pain - august 21st. I took him because he had been vomiting. she said she would like to look at his kidneys but was very busy that day and the following day. she prescribed antibiotics - called him 'nasty cat' and then said he needed to be sedated for every examination.

      I decided not to see her anymore but the second vet insisted on sedation also. Rigsby was diabetic so needed glucose testing every three weeks. by september 13th I was convinced he was in kidney failure. I took him to the vet and asked for a CBC - she just did fructosamine - sedated him. Told me he was not diabetic anymore (had glucose of 12 - but this was with insulin!) and we should stop insulin and check again in a month. I returned 24th september begging her to check his kidneys. she was very busy and couldn't do it until september 29th by which time he had urea of 41 and creatinine of 602.

      I am taking them to court for professional negligence. Does anyone have anything useful to share regarding the dosing of metacam, its combination with the other drugs etc that would help?

      many thanks
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