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Re: [FH] Help with old cat and bloodwork

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  • LorieAHuston@cs.com
    Hi Dianne. Of course, you ll want to talk all of this over with your own veterinarian. But as far as baseline bloodwork, I d start out with a complete blood
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      Hi Dianne.

      Of course, you'll want to talk all of this over with your own veterinarian. But as far as baseline bloodwork, I'd start out with a complete blood cell count and blood chemistry profile (including electrolytes). Probably a T4 to check on the thyroid wouldn't be a bad idea also. I'm not sure what the cost would be as it differs so much from one location to another. But these tests are the basis of a pretty basic blood screen and will give you kidney values (BUN, creatinine), blood glucose, liver enzymes and so forth. And of course, a physical exam by your vet is in order too. That's almost as important as the blood work :-)

      Because of the diabetes, your vet may want to do other testing as well. Some vets do fructosamine levels to get an idea of the diabetes control (which is helpful but not optimum by itself). Others like to do blood glucose curves, which require sequential glucose measurements over a 12-24 hour period.

      Good luck.

      Lorie Huston, DVM

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      Subject: [FH] Help with old cat and bloodwork

      2 yrs ago my exh left me his cat, saying my lifestyle fit his insulin
      needs better. He's been on insulin since Nov 2006. He is now 18 years

      April 2010 his blood showed slight elevations in kidney levels

      I frankly didn't think he'd make it to the end of the year but here
      he is. He is due for a physical any time now.

      I keep a close eye on him and now and then he slows way down and I
      think, ok this is it. Then he flies across the room and jumps on the
      bed or attacks another of the cats.

      In the last few weeks though, he has shown increased signs of
      restlessness especially at night. I can hear him meowing non-stop and
      I can't see a reason for it. He has food and water. Sometimes I think
      one of the other cats may be pestering him but I can't prove it. All
      I know is he's not sleeping like he used to (except during the day).
      He seems to get up every 30 mins or so to drink as well and litter
      consumption has increased (difficult to say if this is 100% him as I
      have 5 cats and 3 others are 15 yrs old).

      Is there any baseline blood work you can recommend that won't cost a
      fortune but give me an idea where he stands? Any suggestions at all?

      I could probably let him go guilt-free but like I said, every time I
      consider it, he does something he would have done years ago and I
      question my decision. I am really unhappy at having been put in this
      position by my exh who has not asked about his cat in 18 months now.
      So no, he would not help me with the costs in this at all.

      To make this a little heart related he does have a slight heart issue
      since he was 4 or so but we felt we were actually overtreating him
      for it and he's been fine since.

      Thanks all.......

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