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Re: OT: Squeek needs prayers again

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  • toomany_kittys
    Carol, I really hope it s not FIP. Please join the FIP group. It is an excellent group. Most cats test positive for the Corona virus and if they do they don t
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 7, 2010
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      I really hope it's not FIP. Please join the FIP group. It is an excellent group. Most cats test positive for the Corona virus and if they do they don't often develop FIP. What was her titer? It is only when the Corona virus mutates that they develop FIP, but the fact that she's a kitten (with possibly a high titer) is definately a concern. Did they say what her A/G ratio was?
      Here's the link:

      I pray that it's not FIP and that she recovers.

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "C.R." <carolroar@...> wrote:
      > hi everyone,
      > I know you're all really involved with your kitties right now, with so many having problems right now, but if when you're saying your prayers tonight for your kitties, you could please include a few for our Squeek, we'd really appreciate it. Now they're telling us that Squeek may have FIP (feline infectious peritonitis). We can't even believe this is happening to this sweet little kitten!
      > We just adopted her in June, found out she has a terrible blood disorder called thrombocytopenia, then she was just barely recovering from that and now this past few weeks she's become ill again and they think it's FIP. She tested positive for the feline corona virus and cats with feline corona virus often develop FIP. I looked up FIP and Squeek does have a lot of the symptoms, and given her compromised immune system from the thrombocytopenia, things don't look good. If she has the "wet" form of FIP, she may not have much time left. If it's the "dry" form, she may have a year at best. We're just devastated. And now we're worried about if Misty and the rest of the guys can get it too, because it's very contageous!
      > She goes in tomorrow for an ultrasound and more tests. God… if you're listening, please don't let it be that! If there are any prayers out there…Squeek could really use some again now. :-(
      > thanks, everyone. I know you're all dealing with a lot, but a few little prayers for Squeek would be so appreciated.
      > hugs,
      > Carol, Squeek and Angel Snowball
      > and the gang
      > http://carolandsteveskitties.shutterfly.com/
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