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Re: [FH] Rigsby update

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  • Westgold
    Hi -- do they have a reason why they won t treat the anemia? A real reason, like that it might cause other problems or something? If there is no real reason,
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      Hi -- do they have a reason why they won't treat the anemia? A real reason, like that it might cause other problems or something? If there is no real reason, can you just go out and buy some iron drops from the drug store and give him a couple everyday? It sure sounds like he needs some!!
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      Subject: [FH] Rigsby update

      hi everyone,

      thanks for all the candles and prayers - they are really working!!

      I didn't post yesterday because I was out most of the day and night travelling across london and back for work. The transport was seriously disrupted due to snow and ice....

      yesterday morning, I took Rigsby to my local vet and PCV is 30% - this doesn't make a lot of sense, because after the last shot of darbo (5th November) it was 28% when tested 11th november. and prior to this 19th november 27% and 23rd november 26%. The answer may lie in the fact that two different labs were used - 11th november and 2nd december my own vet - 27th october, (when it was 16%) 19th and 23rd november specialist labs. so if we tested his blood at the specilaist labs it might be lower...consdierably lower?

      the vet said his blood was like water when she drew it. Iam suprrised he has any left at the rate it has been tested in the last two weeks..they were still testing him on the day they wanted to euthanise at the hospital - what for???

      anyway, I got some comparative numbers of bloods which are (first numbers 2/12; second 11/11)
      RBC 4.7 up from 3.4
      hct 21.9 up from 18.1
      haem 7.8 up from 6.7
      i have no idea what any of this means......apart from he doesn't have enough red blood cells. will pick up full blood results for last few weeks from my vets tomorrow and post.

      my vet doesn't want to treat the anaemia but we have to. She faxed the results to the specialist - she hasn't got in touch yet. I think PCV of 30% (if accurate) does not mean we need more darbo but Rigsby is very very lethargic.
      sometimes I wonder if he has been bleeding due to the anticoagulant?

      he ate well yesterday - another entire chicken breast and he had a few biscuits. but he vomited water today...after drinking. not eating today so far.....
      he is very dehydrated....but no-one will put him on a drip. have to try feline rehydrating salts.

      the vet looked in his mouth and saw what she thought were uremic ulcers - very small, with some inflammation under his tongue. I still think he had an infected rodent ulcer which inflammed the entire of his mouth (as it was all swollen and this has gone down now, together with the smell) and this spiked kidneys values which then led to uremic ulcers because they came on almost overnight following this spike.
      I am still hopeful he can get a little bit better.
      Just wish there was an easier way to treat anaemia and increase hydration.....subqs just aren't enoigh.

      am going to give some slippery elm bark today to try to ease his stomach and buy him some liver....rich in iron!

      best wishes everyone!
      Ruth (and Rigsbyx)

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