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Re: [FH] Cheeks not eating

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  • Mmayer11
    Hi, Suzanne, I agree with Lyn. All the reasons she listed could be the cause. I really don t think it s either one of the meds that s causing this. If Cheeks
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      Hi, Suzanne,
      I agree with Lyn. All the reasons she listed could be the cause. I really don't think it's either one of the meds that's causing this. If Cheeks checks out medically with your cardio specialist and he doesn't have an underlining illness..., I'd introduce Slippery Elm Bark powder made into a gel, I would add this to his meals [a teaspoon at a time] at least 2 X daily. Remember to keep this dosing at least 2 or more hours away from Cheek's meds.


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      Hi all,

      I posted several weeks ago about my cat, Cheeks, who has RCM. He had been doing fine until a couple weeks ago when he went through about 3 days of not wanting to eat hardly anything. He pulled out of that and his appetite returned to normal. Last week he went into another cycle of not eating, this time about 4 or 5 days and he was very lethargic. The cardiologist recommended stopping the benazapril, which seemed to help as his appetite returned. But he is not eating again, as of yesterday, so I have my doubts whether the benazapril has anything to do with it. The only other med he is on is atenolol. Has anyone else experienced this, and if so what was your remedy. He is not on lasix, so I wonder if perhaps fluid is building up, but it is my understanding that when that happens the only way to get rid of it is with lasix or tapping the chest. I would also think he would be far worse than he is right now if fluid had been slowly building up and not draining. Does the heart condition itself cause inappetence?


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