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Fw: Re: kitten - play - breathing

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  • Vickie
    I sent the vet an email, fig it better that why then leaving a msg and they don t give him all the info that I state over the phone. At least this way it s in
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2010
      I sent the vet an email, fig it better that why then leaving a msg
      and they don't give him all the info that I state over the phone.
      At least this way it's in writting what happen. I asked he could
      have the staff call me if he feels I should bring her in.

      I played with her a very short time today, and not hard. She did
      ok.  Then I turned on the auto red dot.  it moves slow in circles
      keeps them busy.  I had it aim on the wall and her and brother
      played long time, but again is moves slow and stops and pauses.
      Not as fun as the pen, but keep them out of trouble. sometime
      they rest and just watch the dot.

      Thank you

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "vjunger" <vjunger@...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > Well after losing a cat to a 3 yr battle w/heart disease, hard not
      > to be on your toes w/the next cat.
      > So I ended up w/2 kittens almost 5mo ago.  The girl kitten use to
      > breath fast even when at rest, but vet said her heart sounded fine.
      > I asked if he thought she could be part maine coon, but didn't get
      > much of an answer, altho she more and more has the loving trates of one.  She is very hyper, always awake, and ready to be w/me when i'm
      > up or just roll over in bed and she thinks i'm up.  (just like baby)
      > Well today, i pulled out the lazer pen, and her and her brother were
      > where running after it, but she just goes crazy for it, it's so funny.
      > but while playing i heard soemething so i stop, and she was out of
      > breath? panting hard.  Took a few min for it to stop, but even after
      > 6min she was still breathing fast w/and heart was beating.
      > could this be any type of warning sign?  or cause she was just so
      > full blow in to the red dot?  I've been a bit bad and don't play
      > with them daily, but they have ea other to play with and sometime
      > don't seem to care that i want to play w/them  LOL
      > Its cool here today, just rained. but she is long fur? and again
      > always hyper. There times she runs and plays w/her brother and is really into it, but never seen her out of breath.  I was almost ready
      > to pull out baby's oxygen tank.  by the way, how long is the oxygen
      > good for?  I haven't turned it on in yrs?
      > Somewhere deep inside just feel I will have another kitty w/heart
      > disease again. (sigh)  my first cat i didn't know, he died after
      > having a tooth pulled, no warnign sign.   The kittens are to be
      > fixed in a couple of weeks,I will be home few days w/them thanksgiving weekend + to make sure all is well, since she is so hyper. She is up and adam at 430am everyday, again just like baby,
      > back to no rest again. (yawn)
      > Vickie

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