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Miss Yeta's Story

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  • eagleprde59
    This is a story that Miss Yeta wrote one day while sitting on my shoulder at the computer, well ok maybe she didn t really write it per say but this is what
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 18, 2010
      This is a story that Miss Yeta wrote one day while sitting on my shoulder at the computer, well ok maybe she didn't really write it per say but this is what she would of wrote if she could LOL
      It is from Feb. 2005

      Meeow Meoow Meeeeow!
      (Translation for all you humans and dogs....)

      Miss Yeta Here!

      My pet human has read your stories to me which, she didn't need to do! What does she think I do when I sit at her shoulder while she is on the computer? She calls me little bird when I do that; I'm not a bird! I read quite well for a cat and sometimes even try to type myself, which usually gets me yelled at. Well I digress, or is it regress? Hmmmm some of these human words really confuse me.

      I'm supposed to be telling you about my pet human. All in all she is not to bad. It's taken me twelve years to train her and though at times she forgets her training and totally blows it, I still love her. She understands cat language very well and always knows what I want. When she had other cats living with us it used to get confusing for her because they did not speak proper cat. Their street cat slang would drive me crazy, for a true lady never uses street slang and always pronounces her "Meows" properly.

      Jamie is a good pet; she always makes sure that my food dish is filled every morning with my favorite food and that I have plenty of water to drink. At times she's not quite on the ball with scooping my litter box and I have to stand at it and yowl until she gets the message, doesn`t she know that ladies don`t yowl. I really get angry with her when she just picks me up and puts me in the litter box and tells me to use it that she just cleaned it. Well what's clean to her still offends my sensitive nose.

      She seems to like this computer thing and sits at it for hours sometimes. She types things out and calls them stories, I don't know why anyone would want to read about a stupid donkey or a crow but she enjoyed writing about them. She likes to watch television at times and watches the oddest shows about vampires and witches, sometimes I get a little scared but she always pets me and makes me feel safe again. I really enjoy the show she watch's about super man as a boy, well until they brought that stupid dog on last week. Krypto. What kind of name is that?

      At Christmas this past year she got so excited. Her two kids brought their hairless creatures to visit and it seemed to make her very happy. Did she ask me if they could come? No! She kept calling them grandchildren, whatever those are. There was one that couldn't even feed or clean itself and everyone seemed to want to hold it and cater to it. That's what I am here for darn it! Well the catering part, I don't like to be held. Then there was one that could hardly stand up and kept almost falling and two others that chased me around the house wanting to pet me. No one pets me without my permission, especially small hairless creatures! Well Jamie finally got the message and put my litter box, food and water in the bedroom and shut the door so those things could not get to me.

      Oh I almost forgot to tell you about Jamie's one weakness. "Strays" if there is a stray around within ten miles she seems to find it. Human strays, animal strays, it doesn't seem to make much difference to her. The last stray she brought home is still here, by no choice of mine mind you. It wasn't to bad when she brought it home; it was quite small and made no noise what so ever. She used to keep it in something called a playpen and then moved it to the porch. I still haven't figured out what it is. Can someone tell me what a rabbit is? I thought that John would put a stop to this one for sure because he doesn't even think I should be in the house but because he loves Jamie he lets me stay inside.

      Anyways she brought this thing home that she calls a rabbit, all I know is that it doesn't smell like anything I've ever ran across before and it has these big stupid ears and feet. Jamie seems so impressed because it use's a litter box, well so do I and that doesn't seem to impress her, its like I'm expected to but this thing is special because it does. Yesterday I thought for sure it was a goner, like I said it lives on the porch but when it rains really hard they let it in. Well they let it stay in over night because of the storm, I should say Jamie let it stay in because John doesn't like it in the house at all, hehe. My man John!

      So what does she do to show its appreciation for being let in from the cold wet outside, "she tears a hole in the couch!" Not a small, no one will ever notice hole, nope she did it up good and rips the whole corner of the cushion up. It's out of here! I know it, I told it not to do that when it was digging at the couch but it acted like it did not understand me and I'm not learning rabbit! So it's gone right? Wrong its still here! Jamie didn't even seem to get mad at the stupid thing, just put her on the floor and told her she was bad. And I get yelled at for growling at the little hairless creatures but this thing gets away with this. So there you see is another of Jamie's weakness', she lets this thing stay even though it tore her couch up. Jamie is just to kind hearted, allowing such things to go unpunished. Well looks like I need to do some retraining on her.

      Well she says I have to stop now and that this was supposed to be about her from my point of view, she doesn't seem to understand that by telling you this other stuff I'm showing you the true side of Jamie and how wonderful and loving she is. She is the best pet a cat could ask for in so many ways and once her retraining is finished I think we will get along just fine once again.

      Meeow Meoow Meeeeooooow!
      Miss Yeta Always : )
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