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Re: Limping - HCM?

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  • C.R.
    hi Lisa, I don t think you re being paranoid. Although it s not as common, the front legs can also be affected when a kitty throws a clot. If his paws are
    Message 1 of 10 , Sep 23, 2010
      hi Lisa,

      I don't think you're being paranoid. Although it's not as common, the front legs can also be affected when a kitty throws a clot. If his paws are still both warm, then it might just be that he sprained it maybe...jumping down from somewhere, maybe he fell on it wrong.

      I think if he's not walking normally by tomorrow, I'd talk to an internist or a cardiologist if you have either near you. In the meantime, you might try massaging his foot and leg. If it's just a sprain, the massaging can help, and if it was a little clot, the massaging will improve the circulation in the leg and foot.

      I think I'd also start giving him something for thinning the blood. If you don't want to try aspirin (it's very hard on the liver and stomach), I'd give nattokinase. Make sure you buy a brand that has the vitamin K removed. Vit. K makes blood clot, not what you want for a heart kitty. There are good brands without vit. K.

      Nutricology Nattozyme is one and Doctor's Best Nattokinase both have the vit. K removed. You can buy them at most health food stores and many places online. There's more info on nattokinase in the group's files.


      I hope this is not a clot and that he just has a little sprain, but I'd get him checked out tomorrow if it's not any better.

      Carol and Angel Snowball
      and the gang

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "Lisa Gryschuk" <Lisa@...> wrote:
      > Hello: I started my HCM guy on Atenolol 6 days ago, 1 dose every 12 hours. He is a 4 out of 5 on heart murmur severity.
      > Last night I noticed he started limping on his right front leg - sort of like when you first get up after laying on a leg and it is stiff. But the limp hasn't gone away. I have felt paws and it does not seem that one paw is cooler than the other.
      > The vet said that limping is not a side affect of atenolol.
      > Anyone have any thoughts? I worried about a clot - but then figured I was just being paranoid..
      > Lisa
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