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Re: [FH] Spironolactone - Side effects?

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  • Barbie
    Hi Brooke, I know what you mean about lack of info.  I searched one night for hours trying to find some when my cat was put on spironolcatone just a week
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      Hi Brooke,
      I know what you mean about lack of info.  I searched
      one night for hours trying to find some when my cat
      was put on spironolcatone just a week ago.  She was
      having terrible reaction to furosemide.  The spiro
      wasn't strong enough turns out and my kitty started to
      have a fluid build up about 4 days of being on the spiro. I had to
      start the furosemide again but started giving her it
      with a good amount of food afterwards which I don't
      think I was previously doing.  I know I would give her
      food with the Atenolol which she gets about 2 hours after
      the furosemide.  She seems to be doing a bit better
      taking it with food.  As far as the spiro goes I have not
      noticed a bad reaction to it compared to her reaction
      to the furosemide.  I was told the spiro was a fairly
      weak diuretic and from our experience it was no where
      near enough to keep the fluid off her lungs.

      I find that is a lot of diuretic if he only heard a small
      crackle.  I would think just one dose in addition to
      the two furosemide would be plenty.  Do you have a
      stethoscope.  For me I usually can hear it very well
      just resting my ear on her lung area.  It usually can
      be heard quite easily if there is fluid there.  Have
      you been checking yourself.  Could just be the spiro
      has worked and the fluid is now gone, and taking that
      much is too much being there is no fluid there now.
      If you don't hear the crackle anymore I would take away
      one of the doses of spiro for sure and maybe only
      give it once every second day.  How have you weened off
      so far, what doses are you giving now?
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      From: Brooke <jarnold54@...>
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      Sent: Sun, September 26, 2010 8:09:08 PM
      Subject: [FH] Spironolactone - Side effects?

      Hello all,

      Nelson was prescribed Spironolactone (6.25mg twice daily) about a month ago.
      This is in addition to Atenlol, Plavix, Aspirin and Lasix (6.25 twice a day)
      that he already takes. Not quite sure why the spiro was added, except that his
      HCM was upgraded to Severe, and the cardiologist heard a little bit of a crackle
      in his lungs, and maybe this was an attempt to stay on top of any fluid
      build-up...but he's been doing great since he was diagnosed - meaning, he's
      never had any problems with fluid.

      Anyhow, he's been in a steady decline ever since adding the spironolactone. I've
      slowly weaned him off of it and he seems to be improving. Too soon to tell
      because it's only been 2 days, but he's already up and running around and eating
      more. His appetite had gone from very healthy to almost nothing!

      I'm curious, has anyone else noticed any similar side effects from spiro? I
      haven't been able to find any information on this, and was starting to think
      Nelson was beginning his "decline" until I stopped the med and he's feeling
      better again!

      Thanks much,

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