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Re: [FH] quick query re stomach acid/vomitting

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  • Allyson Spring
    Hi Ruth, I am new on the board but i read your post and I just finished giving my kitty Boomer his Plavix. Boomer is 11 and was diagnosed with diabetes in Dec
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 1, 2010
      Hi Ruth,

      I am new on the board but i read your post and I just finished giving my kitty Boomer his Plavix. Boomer is 11 and was diagnosed with diabetes in Dec 09 and then went into chf in July with a diagnosis of HCM. He is currently on

      I unit of glargine in the am and 1 in pm
      1/4 of a plavix each morning
      Benazapril am and pm 2.5 each
      Lasix every 8 hrs 12.5

      I have used pepcid ac with him before when he has thrown up. Currently we seem to be battling an upper respiratory (or chronic uri). And he is on zithromax. Which is not so great on the bowels. He sneezes and makes all sorts of congestion noises out of his nose and have intermittent good days and bad days with eating cat food.

      I just wanted to send a note and to let you know someone else was up at this hour thinking about these things as well I hope Rigsby feels better.


      Allyson and Boomer

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      On Oct 1, 2010, at 3:40 AM, "jruthaitken" <jruthaitken@...> wrote:

      hello everyone

      Since May Rigsby has been back on subq fluids (after 5 month of no fluids
      following HCM diagnosis) and all has been well until the last month or so when I
      noticed him looking more dehydrated and eating less. I took him to the
      specialist vet hospital where he had another echo - his heart was unchanged so
      they said I could increase fluids to 120ml per day max. I upped his fluids to
      100 then 115 then 120. Since his fluids have increased he has vomited more (but
      also eaten more) - this has been a combination of liquid/brown soup-like vomits
      and regurgitated sausages of food.

      I have been adding a little slippery elm bark to his food in the morning but am
      unsure how this will interact with renalzin (phosphate binder).do I need to give
      SEB more than once a day?

      He also has sucralfate and Zantac but I stopped giving these after my
      pharmacist said they were contraindicated in patients with kidney failure. My
      specialist renal vet also said they would be hard on his kidneys but we needed
      to avoid stomach ulcers. At the time Rigsby rarely vomited so they weren't
      needed after fluids were resumed and he started eating again but now he vomits
      several times a week and he has started to look uncomfortable/not himself. I
      think I have to start to treat him for stomach acid but is SEB enough and how
      will it interact with renalzin? he looks as if he feels sick this morning but I need to give PLAVIX in a minute, so can't give SEB.....oh dear....

      at last blood check, creatinine was 510 which breaks my heart because I had
      worked so hard to keep him hydrated before the HCM diagnosis and got creatinine
      down to 327. he is due for another next mid october. There is no doubt that 5
      months without fluids have seriously damaged his kidneys - wrong advice again
      from vets - but I am worried 120ml might be putting a strain on his heart and
      now THAT is making him vomit. He is also diabetic and I think that eating too
      much dried renal foods makes him vomit also?
      can anyone give advice as to what to do - my head is swimming....I am so scared
      he is approaching the end and his poor kidneys just can't cope anymore.
      thank you

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