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Re: [FH] Thanks and another Q

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  • Suzianne Painter-Thorne
    Rodent ulcer, that s it. Thanks. She had it when she was about a year old and we did treat with oral steroids (it s my understanding that oral steroids are ok,
    Message 1 of 10 , Sep 4, 2010
      Rodent ulcer, that's it. Thanks.

      She had it when she was about a year old and we did treat with oral steroids
      (it's my understanding that oral steroids are ok, injectible steroids are
      not--I don't want a bunch of emails with steroid horror stories, Boo has
      been fine, has not gone into CHF). Boo does not have a great immune system,
      so we couldn't just leave it to run it's course as it was just rapidly
      spreading and covering her whole body, making her life miserable, and
      causing her to not eat. Our vet didn't rush to steroids, we tried other
      things and the only thing that gave her any relief was the steroids and
      nolvasan flush to clean the individual spots. No recurrence for years. Then
      it recurred in her mouth. We did steroids again and it cleared up. The
      ulcers seem gone now.

      In all respects she seems otherwise normal. Her thyroid levels were normal
      (we checked everything!). Today her ALT was down to 340, which is still
      high, but lower. So it seems either the antibiotics or the Sam-e is helping,
      but it's still worrisome. Her vet doesn't think it's liver disease, she
      thinks it's the result of some infection that we've not been able to
      pinpoint. She also doesn't think it's anything super-sinister (she's not
      saying she's dying, she said the really bad things have been ruled out).

      It could be her teeth even. Her teeth are horrible, she always has to have
      them cleaned (which is of course risky with a heart kitty) because she gets
      plaque buildup right away even with brushing. Our other cats almost never
      need cleanings, but poor Boo. Our vet wants to get her liver values down
      before we do her teeth again, though. I'm hoping she'll think they are low
      enough now, as I suspect part of this might be bacteria from her teeth. Her
      regular vet wasn't in today so we have to talk on Tuesday to see if the
      values are down low enough to do the cleaning.

      The vet who was on today gave her some anti-nausea meds. He said what we're
      doing is working, so keep doing it. But she's not his patient, so he didn't
      add much more. Argh.

      Sue & Boo

      On 9/4/10 12:19 PM, "Cathy Mack" <cathymack@...> wrote:

      > Hi Sue,
      > Could you mean a rodent ulcer? These are common in cats and I've had quite a
      > few kitties over the years get them. Vets tend to rush treatment with
      > steroids,
      > but it's not an effective treatment because as soon as you stop, the rodent
      > ulcer can appear again. And heart kitties can't have steroids anyways.
      > IMO, the rodent ulcers are mostly from food allergies but other causes can be
      > attributed to them. I've found that the best way to treat them is to let it
      > run
      > its course through the kitties own immune systems and naturally let it
      > disappear. The food allergies can be just from a single batch of food that
      > had
      > one tiny ingredient differ, and I don't even change the food because the next
      > batch may be different. But if it persists or continually appears again, I
      > have
      > changed foods at that point and it does disappear.
      > The elevated ALT liver value can sometimes be a result of hyperthyroidism, and
      > not liver disease at all. I had a vet internist one time tell me my kitty had
      > liver disease and a few months to live; a second opinion from a different vet
      > proved it to be hyperthyroidism. As soon as she got the radioactive iodine
      > treatment, the ALT was back to normal immediately. Did you have the free T4
      > checked in the blood panel?
      > HTH, best wishes,
      > Cathy
      > For the last several months, she's been fighting an allergy type condition
      > called rodent tumor (it has another more scientific-sounding name, but I
      > can't recall it right now). She had this a couple years ago on her legs and
      > this summer it went to her mouth. She was just miserable--withdrawn, inner
      > eyelids covering her eyes, just dejected. We put her on some meds, she
      > started to improve a little, but then leveled off still not quite herself.
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