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  • Barbie
    Yes it is good to know.  There is only one place that compounds meds here in town and I had a very bad experience with one of the owners earlier tonight. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 26, 2010
      Yes it is good to know.  There is only one place
      that compounds meds here in town and I had a very bad
      experience with one of the owners earlier tonight.
      I wasn't going to mention anything but now
      I think I would like some feedback on what did

      Last week the second vet we saw called the
      pharmacy to order compounded prapronolol
      I think it is called.  It is a med to decrease
      heart rate.  Anyhow, we knew she needed the
      meds ASAP and they were not able to have
      the compounded version ready until later
      the next day.  So the vet gave us one pill
      which we divided into 4 since she was to take
      1/4 pill dose.  We noticed a bad reaction every
      time we administered that drug.  Anyhow.
      So we ended up back at the vet that Friday
      which was the day we were suppose to go pick
      up this compounded prapronolol.  Well that
      day the other vet was in and we told him
      that she seemed to have a reaction from the prapronolol.
      So he said well don't take it, stop taking
      that drug right away. So of course we did not
      go pick it up.  Why would we go pay that much
      money for a prescription we were told not to use.
      Who does that?  Would any of you go buy it knowing
      you were not going to use it.

      Okay so this is what happened next.  I got the
      new compounded aspirin script and when it got
      to me I realized they had halved the script
      and charged me full price.  So I called an left a
      message and within a few minutes someone returned
      my call.  I told him what happened.  We didn't
      bring the script in it was called in by the hospital
      we had left that day after our echo.  So he said
      well I don't know what your script says but this
      is what they told me to make.  So anyhow.  He
      apoligizes and we said well we will contact the hospital
      to see what happened with that, because apparently
      it wasn't his mistake but theirs.

      THEN.....he calls back with a real attitude.  He says
      "By the way, you have another script here that you
      never picked up".  I said yes, we were told not to
      take it.  He said in a real rude tone. "Well who told you
      to do that?"  So I told him the vet did.  He then says, "which
      vet?"  I then told him which vet.  Then he says, "Yeah well
      I'll be calling him to see if he in fact told you that,"
      I was literally floored.  I said, "Excuse me but who is
      going to pay for a script when they were told not to use
      it."  I said, "Do you actually expect me to go pay for that
      take it home and throw in in the garbage, you have to
      be kidding me?!"  I had tried to call to let them know
      we were not going to pick it up and it was busy the two
      times I tried and I don't have the time to call there every
      minute of the day. I have better things to do.  I was
      pissed and so was my husband.  So we called to find
      if there was another place here that compounds meds. There
      was not!  So I was to assume he thinks he can treat
      people so venomously because he is the only one that does
      it.  I said oh yeah.  So I started making calls.  I found
      a place that does it and it is 2 hours away and you can
      bet your bottom dollar I will be travelling 2 hours because
      there is no way in hell he will get another penny of my business!

      So what would you have done?  Would you all have went
      and paid so you could go home and throw it out.  If he had
      any sense he would just donate it to the clinic in case someone
      needs it.  Some people have no sense.

      Stepping down off the soapbox.
      "Whoever wants to know something about me,
      must observe my paintings carefully and try to
      see in them what I am".
      Gustav Klimt

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