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RE: [feline-heart] Widgie/collapsed lung

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  • Jonathan Rosenberg
    I m sorry to hear about Widgie s current condition. This must be very hard for both of you. I will keep your dear girl in my prayers & thoughts.
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 31, 2001
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      I'm sorry to hear about Widgie's current condition. This must be
      very hard for both of you. I will keep your dear girl in my
      prayers & thoughts.

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      > Subject: [feline-heart] Widgie/collapsed lung
      > I spoke to my vet just now. All of Widgie's bloodwork
      > is normal and she is
      > not cyanotic. On paper everything looks pretty good,
      > but her xrays show the
      > collapsed lung and that the heart disease has
      > progressed. Of course, it was
      > an xray and not an ultrasound and once before they
      > thought her heart was
      > enlarged on an xray and it wasn't on the ultrasound. I
      > am trying to keep a
      > positive attitude here.
      > The vet still doesn't want to prescribe the pred. He
      > says if there is a bad
      > infection in the lung, the pred will suppress the
      > immune system. I am
      > somewhat disappointed but I will give her the
      > antibiotics and see how it
      > goes. I asked about Vibramyacin and he said he hasn't
      > used it but is going
      > to research it. He is giving me amoxicillin. Widgie
      > normally can't tolerate
      > it (diarrhea) but since she has been constipated,
      > maybe it will work this
      > time. It has the fewest side effects of all the abx.
      > He didn't feel that oxygen was needed since she isn't
      > showing any signs of
      > lack of oxygen. ALSO, BIG RELIEF, he said the
      > collapsed lung is NOT making
      > the heart work harder. He also didn't think that
      > switching from Atenolol to
      > Cardizem would make a difference.
      > My girl was pretty down this morning, but it could be
      > the left over bad
      > feelings from the vet visit. If I don't see an
      > improvement after a few days
      > of abx, I'm going to ask him to reconsider the pred or
      > changing the heart
      > meds.
      > z
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