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RE: [FH] Clot or Arthritis?

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  • Judi Levens
    My experience was sudden, and I think that s the norm. Why don t you try some glocosamine/condriton...I think maybe for pets it s just condriton. I used it
    Message 1 of 7 , Jul 24, 2010
      My experience was sudden, and I think that's the norm. Why don't you try some glocosamine/condriton...I think maybe for pets it's just condriton. I used it on Max at one point when he was having arthritic symptoms and it seemed to work, and I know it works for me. It takes a little while to kick in but you'd be able to see in a week or two if he was feeling better. Also, have you considered a pet communicator? That is the only way I know that they can "talk" to you, and in my experience it was very helpful. If you are interested I can give you the info on a woman I know who is great (she does not have to be with the pet.) Also, I think we can "over worry" when we have a sick pet...I know I do sometimes. eg: I just came home with good test results on Max, but the possibility of some future issues, and immediately started stressing about the future issues, until I talked myself into enjoying the good health today...

      Anyway, I sure can empathize with you...I would definitely try the condriton, and if you don't already have one, try a heating pad too (unless it's too hot where you are right now.)
      Good luck...Judi and Max

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      Subject: [FH] Clot or Arthritis?

      Hi everyone,
      I've read that when a cat develops a saddle thrombosis clot they become paralyzed in one or both back legs. What I've read is that this is usually sudden and very painful - not something a person coudl miss. My cat Winston has gradually developed a bad limp in his back legs (one more than the other). I'm worried about him. Anyone know if there is any chance this could be a clot that is developing slowly? At the end of May he had an echo cardiogram and that did not show any clots but the doctor said that doesnt mean there were any there.
      Him having one of these clots is something I worry about a lot - that he'll be alone here and in pain. I try not to leave him alone much. I'm home a fair amount, but I live alone and so when I'm working he is here alone and sometimes other times for short stretches. If I go anywhere overnight, I try to have my sister stay here (also he has his meds twice a day too).
      I wish they could talk to us. I don't want him to be in pain, and I'm petrified I'm going to miss important signs that he is hurting. I try to take him in about once a month when I pick up his meds and the vet does a quick check with him. I'm not due for meds for another week, but I keep watching him walk and the slow way he is doing that now. I also notice he does not jump up on stuff as much.

      I jump when he cries and think often there is something wrong and it turns out there is another cat outside the window or he's ready to eat. It's so hard to know. Anyone have experience with cats who had clots? Were they all sudden and severe or has anyone had one develop more gradually?

      Cathy & Winston

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