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Re: Sam died

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  • catwoman1@iprimus.com.au
    Dear Carole, please accept my deepest condolences on your loss of Sam. I am so sorry. Carole, I know the guilt you feel, so many of us do understand as we have
    Message 1 of 13 , Oct 26, 2001
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      Dear Carole,
      please accept my deepest condolences on your loss of Sam. I am
      so sorry.
      Carole, I know the guilt you feel, so many of us do understand
      as we have felt the same way.
      I gave my Pebbles CoQ10 and I also missed doses because at that
      time I was ill and was also an emotional mess because my other cat
      Sachie had just died. Pebbles did not die from her heart disease, the
      missed doses didn't cause heart failure. Pebbles died of cancer. So
      of course then my mind turned to that and I thought if I had not
      missed doses of her vitamins, if the vets hadn't stopped the herbs
      and homeopathy (because we started western drug treatments and the
      herbal vet said the herbs would not be effective now - which by the
      way my Professor of Chinese Medicine does not agree and says you can
      take both forms of medicine together), then Pebbles might not have
      got cancer. I too went through the guilt.
      Now six months on I see that Pebbles' body was just worn out
      through life and her health went on a downhill slide when we lost our
      Sachie. Pebbles had been doing well despite all her conditions, heart
      disease, thyroid, kidneys, and bladder problems.
      Pebbles death also showed me that there was nothing I could have
      done to prevent Sachie's cancer, because Pebbles was seen regularly
      by vets, weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc., with blood tests,
      ultrasound, xrays throughout those terrible months since we lost our
      Sachie and Pebbles' health was declining. She was hospitalized twice
      since Sachie died and numerous vets saw her. No vet and no blood
      test, xray etc picked up she was developing cancer, until the week
      before she died when she stopped eating. It happened that she was
      doing so well with the treatments for her heart, thyroid etc, that
      the vet said we could go a couple of months before the next checkup.
      In that time, the cancer progressed and no vet or test was able to
      pick it up till it was too late. The same with my Sachie. Two weeks
      before, the vet said she was fine at her six monthly routine checkup.
      Two weeks later I took her to the vet and her kidneys were enlarged
      from cancer. I am obsessive about my cats. I kept charts of Pebbles'
      symptoms, food eaten, pills given, heart rate twice a day, and so on.
      Looking back there was a subtle symptom but otherwise all seemed
      well. Pebbles' cancer was a terrible shock as was Sachie's. With all
      my care and I never missed routine checkups at the vets, there was
      nothing I could do to save my girls.
      I have gone on about my experiences, but I have done so because
      I know and understand about guilt and I hope this may help you and
      others who are also asking "why did this happen?", "what more could I
      have done?" God Bless you.
      Love, Voula.

      --- In feline-heart@y..., "Carole" <Deepgreen@b...> wrote:
      > I sometimes was too ill to give her the CoQ10 every day...could it
      have been that??? I feel so terrible....her breathing was still bad
      but she looked so much better....did I do it???? Carole
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