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Re: Compounding Meds for a hard to pill kitty

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  • cococy45
    I heard not long ago that it helps to give a bit of water prior to the pill so that the mouth/throat is moist before giving the pill, tried it with Mellie and
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      I heard not long ago that it helps to give a bit of water prior to the pill so that the mouth/throat is moist before giving the pill, tried it with Mellie and it does work to make the pill go down easier. Do follow with additional water or baby food, Mellie would take about anything as long as that jar of baby food is sitting in front of her!
      carol and mellie

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "C.R." <carolroars@...> wrote:
      > Sorry if this is a repost, I think my email is wonky today.
      > If you don't use a little butter or margarine or something slippery to help the pill go down when you're giving just a dry pill, make sure you give them a "chaser" of a couple of syringes of water or liquid to help the pill go down. The pills can get stuck easily and make them choke.
      > I never was able to master using a pill popper, and all of my guys seem to always find the pills inside a pill pocket. I always put the pill inside alittle "meatball" of cold canned food, shape the food around the pill, kind ofthe same idea as a pill pocket. Then when I "pill" them with it, they smell thefood, not the pill and they open their mouths and I really fast pop the pilldown the side of their mouth and push it as far back as I can. They thinkthey're just getting a little wad of food, and eat it. I'm sure they're wondering WHY I'm shoving a little meatball into their mouths, but after they
      > taste the food, they don't seem to care much. The only one who has figured it out is Puddy. That little stinker will look like he's eating the meatball pill, then swallow, then two seconds later, out he spits the pill! Sometimes it takes a few tries before he doesn't spit out the pill... maybe he just does it to get more food! I never thought of that!
      > Pilling our guys, all of our kitties, is always a challenge. You just have to find whatever way works best for you, and it can take a little trial and error to figure out what that is, whether it's pill pockets, compounding, pill poppers or my meatball thing. We have to be creative, but most important of all, try to make it a good, positive experience, not something for them to be afraid of or dread...like "oh no, it's pill time again!". Whatever you're thinking just before it's pill time, believe me, they can read your mind and know what's coming. If we're nervous or anxious about giving the pill, then they're going to be the same way getting it. It makes it even harder to give them meds when they're picking up on our fears. Making it a fun thing in your mind, really - even if you don't believe that...just pretend it's fun, will make things go smoother in the long run. Because eventually you'll get more confident and less
      > stressed about it and so will your kitty.
      > It took me almost two months to get Misty to let me give her pills, and now it's just so easy. She just opens her mouth for me and gobbles up her little meatball pill and looks around for more! Quite a change from the beginning years ago when she would turn into the Tazmanian devil cat when we tried to pill her.
      > Hang in there, it'll get easier.
      > Carol and Angel Snowball *5/10/91 to 1/1/10*
      > and the gang
      > http://carolandsteveskitties.shutterfly.com/
      > Snowball in the planter box.
      > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0o6bLwo5jPE
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      > I have read that for larger pills, put a little butter on the capsule to help it
      > go down.
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