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RE: [feline-heart] Widgie warrior princess

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  • Mike & Linda Irrgang
    i am happy to hear about widgie flying acrooss the rom to get to mr. mouse.....you go get em widge!!! hugs, linda and the boys ... From: Sandler, Zellene E.
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 24, 2001
      i am happy to hear about widgie flying acrooss the rom to get to mr.
      mouse.....you go get'em widge!!!


      linda and the boys

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      Thank you all for your prayers and good thoughts for my Widgie. It must have
      worked. Last night we were lying on the bed together, as always. Widgie
      barely moving. We had just had a phone consult with our homeopath. And she
      had a coughing spell. Suddenly she's flying off the bed. I thought oh my god
      this is it...she's having a seizure or a heart attack. But no, she's staring
      at something. A mouse. It ran out of the bedroom into the hallway behind
      some stuff with Widgie in pursuit. She was starting to breathe pretty hard
      so I had to lock her back in the bedroom while I set up a hav-a-hart trap.
      She was upset she didn't get to chase the mousie. In the morning I had a
      live mouse in the trap. I took him outside and when I returned there was my
      girl in the living room hoping I still had the mouse.

      Now I know beta blockers like Atenolol can make people depressed. Could it
      be that Widgie's lethargy is at least partly psychological? I'm thinking of
      using the Bach flower essences for her.


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