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RE: [FH] Zantac

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  • Betty Ann
    Pixel gets Zantac twice a day...we use the generic 75mg tablet. Her dose is 1/8 of a tablet twice a day. It is not compounded and I am able to put it in a
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 29, 2010
      Pixel gets Zantac twice a day...we use the generic 75mg tablet. Her dose is
      1/8 of a tablet twice a day. It is not compounded and I am able to put it in
      a capsule with her other medications. She had trouble with constipation
      while on the generic Pepcid. I found that the generic Zantac is not only
      less expensive than the brand name but it is easier to cut with a pill
      splitter. In fact, I spent time this evening splitting 30 of them. Sometimes
      the sizes aren't exact, but our vet feels they average out pretty well. A
      good, sharp splitter and a toothpick (to help position the pieces) make the
      job easier. I also split her Atenolol this evening. I like to load 2-4
      weeks' worth of capsules at one time. With small jars clearly labeled for
      morning and evening (detailing what's in the capsules), I can save a lot of
      time. Since Pixel also takes Tumil-K, I have her daily jars labeled (and
      color coded!) to save time. I load the daily jars at night and then I'm
      ready for the next day.

      Pixel's morning medications are-- 1/4 of a 25mg Atenolol + 1/8 of a 75mg
      generic Zantac (both in a capsule) along with 1.5 caplets of Tumil-K. The
      evening capsule has the same thing as the morning capsule with the addition
      of 1/2 of a 2.5mg tablet of Amlodipine...and the 1.5 caplets of Tumil-K. She
      knows she will get a special treat after being pilled so she's very good
      about it. For those who may not be familiar with some of these medications.
      Pixel takes the Amlodipine for hypertension.the Atenolol for the HCOM.and
      the Tumil-K (potassium) because she has stage 2 renal failure and flushes
      out too much potassium.

      I do have to board her at the vet when I travel since my husband can't pill
      her. I take her pre-loaded capsules and the vet staff is very appreciative!!
      The vet had the chance to examine the somewhat varied sizes of the Zantac
      "chips" and said she is pleased with what Pixel is getting. She doesn't feel
      that Pixel is getting too much.

      Hope this helps!

      Betty Ann

      Pixel (CRF, HCOM, HBP), Piton, Pipsqueak

      Angels Tandy, Toni and Snagglefoot

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      Duncan has CRF, restrictive cardiomyopathy and chronic constipation
      problems. The question I have is about his medication, Zantac, which has
      been prescribed for constipation. We are having it compounded at a local
      compounding pharmacy. We buy the compounded liquid in a bottle and it is
      quite expensive. In addition (and more importantly), we have found that it
      makes Duncan foam at the mouth so we put it in a gelcap. Since the Zantac
      is compounded with water, it doesn't take long for the gelcap to melt if we
      don't manage to get the pill into Duncan's mouth within seconds. We tried
      having it compounded with oil but this resulted in sticky clumps so we went
      back to having it compounded in water.

      Looking over the posts, it seems as though many of you give a portion of the
      Zantac pill to your cats. This would be so much easier on both us and
      Duncan if we could give it to him in pill form but we were told by our vet
      that it would be impossible to break the pill down into a cat-size dose. We
      are giving Duncan the compounded dose of .3 ml every 12 hours. The
      compounded drug is 15 mg/ml, therefore we are giving him approximately 4.5
      mg. twice daily. Looking through the posts, I haven't been able to
      determine what dose you are giving to your cats in pill form or even if the
      Zantac you use is Zantac 75 or Zantac 150. Any info on dosage is very much
      appreciated! Thank you.

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