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  • elfinmyst@aol.com
    Hi Cynthia YOu have nothing whatsoever to blame yourself for. Someone on this list once told me early on that a prolonged life should never be a prolonged
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 28, 2010
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      Hi Cynthia

      YOu have nothing whatsoever to blame yourself for. Someone on this list
      once told me early on that a prolonged life should never be a prolonged death.
      I would have done exactly the same and kidney failure is a painful and
      terminal illness at that stage. His low dose medications would not have caused
      kidney failure like that, but more likely the heart disease.

      You can't treat both and you gave Caleb a couple of years of life that were
      precious and wonderful. RCM is not easy to treat and does not carry a good
      prognosis and if he had several wonderful years I would say you did all
      you could and more.

      We all have to face that choice. My 19yr old Arnie went to vet for
      'spitting out food and weight loss'. He had thyroid and various other problems..
      the vet showed me a tumor in the roof of his mouth. I could have made the
      choice to use painkillers and assisted feeding but for Arnie that was no life.
      It was a terminal illness and we gave him the last act of kindness we
      could. I still question that decision, but know in my heart it was the right

      Guilt is a natural part of grieving. You're a special person, Cynthia and
      my thoughts and prayers are with you as Caleb passes to the bridge.

      Love Lyn

      _www.myfurkids.co.uk_ (http://www.myfurkids.co.uk/)

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    • Diane
      Still so confused about what happened with Houdini. The vet couldn t find any obvious cause of death and is looking to see if she can get some biopsies done.
      Message 2 of 5 , Apr 14, 2013
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        Still so confused about what happened with Houdini. The vet couldn't
        find any obvious cause of death and is looking to see if she can get
        some biopsies done.

        This is what I remember from the conversation with the vet Friday
        night (she woke me up): She had an enlarged heart, gall bladder
        stones and her liver was mottled. I don't think she found anything in
        her throat to cause the little gagging issue she had. I'll have to
        double check on the possible embolism to her lungs, the vet had been
        concerned about it but I think what she said last night was that she
        didn't see any evidence.

        I talked to the vet who did the cleaning yesterday. He'd been beating
        himself up since our talks on Friday before I brought her in,
        thinking maybe he should have done the hyper-t treatment first for a
        couple of months. But he felt her numbers were not that bad and her
        teeth and gums were horrible. She lost a number of teeth when he
        touched them, to the point where he didn't consider them an
        extraction. He's been doing dentals (and other surgeries for over 30
        years) and he's done this before. He said other than her jumping
        around a bit when they took her out of the cage before the cleaning,
        everything went well and it was actually a very quick cleaning. She's
        feral so the jumping is to be expected, hell I warned him about claws
        as her brother shredded his arms a couple of years ago! Her heart
        rate was a little fast when he examined her Sunday but again, to be
        expected as it was the first time she had been out of the house in 17
        years! Car ride, dogs barking in the background, strange people - oh
        my! It was NOT irregular on Sunday but was when I brought her in
        Friday night.

        She was given a reversible anesthesia (sorry, I don't know more than
        that but I've seen it mentioned.) She had gotten a long-lasting
        antibiotic shot on Sunday when we were in the office. She got
        Buprenex (sp) Thursday for pain, but nothing came home with us.
        Sunday she also got a shot for inflammation for her gums.

        They called Thursday at 3:45 to say she was waking up and I could
        pick her up around 5. We didn't get there till about 7:30 so she was
        under their observation till then. She was on her feet when they
        brought her to us in the carrier. When we got her home, she paced the
        entire house multiple times, seemed a bit groggy and weak and didn't
        want to settle down for long, but she was walking and managing the
        stairs, up and down. She did seem to drink (she drinks using her paw
        so she can make quite the mess, I wiped the hall twice). I gave her
        wet food mixed with water which she didn't touch. They told me she'd
        likely be groggy and disoriented. I cleaned her litter box and found
        a little poop in it not long after.

        We have a carpeted board hanging off the basement landing and she was
        on that for a bit, then upstairs, then down. All over really.

        In hindsight maybe I should've closed the basement door, but again
        with her being feral, the basement was her safe place. Any time I
        closed that door with her upstairs, it would send her into a panic
        and I didn't want that. I could however lock her down there and she'd
        be fine. We have another adopted cat that was abused in her past life
        and she's the same, any change like that just freaks them out. I
        didn't want to stress her any more.

        My bf got up at 4:30 Friday morning and found her in the basement
        behind the washer. She actually meowed to him as he was calling her
        name. She was still there when I got up. I put food and water near
        her and left the house for two hours, and when I came back she was
        still back there. I then placed her on a folded fleece when she
        refused to stay in front of it on a towel. She had drunk but I doubt
        she ate. I think this was when I went up to send you guys my first
        message and in that 15 mins she came out from behind the washer,
        threw up (only time) and then went back. I went to my other job and
        came back around 1 and decided to bring her upstairs and stay home
        for the day after seeing her try to jump on the couch and miss as she
        had no strength. She was moving around better earlier in the morning
        although she didn't want to - if I put her in front of the washer,
        she'd scurry in the back again.

        In the couple of hours before I brought her in, she went from having
        a gasp/gag/couch every couple of minutes which I (and the vet)
        thought was the cough they told me she may have from the tube. She
        didn't have it the night before. I brought her in when it became
        every breath and turned into open mouthed breathing. After being in
        the oxygen cage for over an hour, that turned back into once every
        couple of minutes and she was not open mouth breathing anymore. Even
        once seeing it, the vet felt that something had happened to her
        throat. She had put an numbing agent on it in hopes of helping that
        ease but it never fully went away.

        Could this be a delayed reaction to the anesthesia? I'd have thought
        it would have happened sooner. I just don't know what to think. I am
        heartbroken to think that I hurt her by trying to clean her teeth,
        which I have done to other cats that needed it, even old ones! She's
        just been my smallest. And she was probably just 17, as I found them
        summer of 1996 and they were a few months old then.

        It stuns me to realize that just a week ago, we were joking about her
        first trip outside. She was a relatively healthy cat, skinny and
        vocal, but still full of piss and vinegar and jumping on the
        counters, bed, cabinets. My bf had to hold her from jumping on a
        hanging wall unit at the vet. And 5 days later I watched her go
        downhill, and I caused it.

        Any comments would be so much appreciated. I'm trying to learn from
        this. I had promised myself no heroic efforts for her or her brothers
        but my options last week seemed to be clean her teeth & rub a gel in
        her ears when she graced me with her presence, put her to sleep as
        she wasn't eating much, or bring her home and watch her waste away to
        nothing. Option 1 seemed like the best one at the time and she seemed
        to be so much better with letting us handle her. It all seemed to
        fall into place, we caught her Sunday, I caught her Thursday etc. The
        vet gave me an open appointment - whenever I could catch her again
        I'd bring her in on a Thursday, so I didn't need to bring her in the
        other day, it just all worked. But now she's gone and I feel I did
        her so wrong. She sure didn't deserve this for her last day. :(

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