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Re: Atrial Fibrillation and a Clot (Frostie Repost)

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  • C.R.
    hi Joan, It sounds like Frosty has a lot of the same things that my angel Snowball had. Sometimes the best we can do is manage the disease, keep an eye on the
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      hi Joan,

      It sounds like Frosty has a lot of the same things that my angel Snowball had. Sometimes the best we can do is manage the disease, keep an eye on the medications to see what works and what may need to be changed.

      If you have to give Frosty 7ml of liquid Lasix, and that seems like a lot to get a cat to take, just volume-wise, why not ask the vet if you can give him injectable Lasix instead. I had that for my angel Sweetie years back. It's very easy to give a subQ injection. You might ask the vet about it. It would be one less thing to have to get Frosty to take orally.

      Did the cardiologist give you anything for the clot besides aspirin? It seems to me that Frosty should be on something much stronger to dissolve that clot and get rid of it, before it breaks loose and causes damage. I know quite a lot of the folks here give their kitties Nattokinase. The difference between the aspirin and Nattokinase, is that the aspirin is more just a blood thinner, something to give to "prevent" clots, not necessarily break them down. Other members, please correct me if I'm wrong on that. But I do know that the theory behind the Nattokinase, is that it's an enzyme that dissolves (actually digests) the clot, leaving nothing to be floating around in the bloodstream to cause havoc later. There are a few files on the group home page about Nattokinase. They're very technical, but there is good info there.
      http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/feline-heart/files/ Click on the Nattokinase file.

      I see the cardio vet changed from Plavix to aspirin. I'm surprised, because I think the aspirin is way less effective than Plavix, even though there's not any guarantee either will work. There are cats who were lost to a clots while on Plavix, so I'm not sure how well any of them work. But if you're going to be on something, I'd think the more powerful med would be better. I would question the cardio vet about that. Ask him why the change, just so you know what the thinking was behind it.

      Why is the Atenolol bad for the lung disease? I'd like to know about that. So many heart kitties are on it.

      Clinitabs (Clindamycin) are just like most other antibiotics, and can make them nauseated. That may be contributing to his not wanting to eat...he may be having tummy troubles. from that... and who knows what the other meds might be acting like to him tummy. Are you giving him any kind of probiotics (acidophilus, bifidus, etc.)? Since he's been on the antibiotics for so long, and continues to be, that will kill the good bacteria in his gut, so he needs to have the beneficial bacteria in his gut replenished.

      Looks like you're not giving him Pepcid anymore either? If he's used to having that, blocking the acid in his tummy, that could be making him feel worse too.

      I haven't found that Cerenia ever worked for Snowball. We used Ondansetron instead. It worked much better than Cerenia for the nausea. We used injectable and we got the vet to call in the prescription to ThrivingPets.com. They have very good prices on the Ondansetron.

      If you can get the nausea under control better, and it sounds like from the way you describe his not being a very good eater, that he may just have a lot of nausea, then he might perk up and eat better for you. I know Snowball did.

      I know it's disheartening and scarey to find out his heart is worse, but the positive thing is it's not as bad as it was before, so that's at least something. Hopefully with the new med regimen he'll get back to being better again.

      We'll send prayers your way.

      Carol and Angel Snowball *5/10/91 to 1/1/10*
      and the gang

      Snowball's videos

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "JOAN" <bhumane4sure@...> wrote:

      > Frostie was on:
      > Enalapril 1/2 tab 2x day
      > Tumil K 1/2 tab 1x day
      > Lasix 1/4 tab 2x day
      > Plavix 1/4 tab 1x day
      > Flovent 1 puff 1x day
      > Albuterol only as a rescue inhaler.
      > Clinitabs first 7 days of every month due to mouth bacteria problem.
      > Pepcid 1/4 tab day as needed.
      > No albuterol at all
      > Flovent only if absolutely necessary
      > Enalapril 1/2 am & 1/4 pm
      > Lasix will now be liquid as to up the dose 7ml 2x day
      > Baby aspirin 1/2 every 3rd day
      > Add Atenolol back in the mix 3 ml 2x day (This is bad for his lung disease)
      > Tumil K 1/2 2x day
      > Clinitabs the same
      > Cerenia 1/4 1x day for 4days then off 2 days then repeat
      > His prognosis seems grim. I forget sometimes that this has been going on for over 4 years and should be thankful. But its easy to forget that these diseases just progress and not regress.
      > He is due back to see one of the vets in 2 - 4 weeks for recheck and then cardiologist in 3 months. This is a lot of stress on the guy.
      > Any comments will be appreciated.
      > Thanks,
      > Joan
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