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Re: [FH] Cats 101 show

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  • adawson1971@aol.com
    Yes, I ve seen the series and I ve seen the MC episode. My first cat and the one with HCM was MC. You re correct. They didn t mention it. I ve also seen Dogs
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 20, 2010
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      Yes, I've seen the series and I've seen the MC episode. My first cat and
      the one with HCM was MC. You're correct. They didn't mention it. I've also
      seen Dogs 101. They don't mention many illnesses there either. The only one
      I remember is the obvious breathing problems for pugs.


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      serobken@... writes:

      Has anyone seen this series? I watched an episode awhile back as it was on
      Maine coons and I found it interesting, but after the vet told me about
      Maine coons and HCM I wondered if I missed them explaining that in the

      I for sure would have been more vigilant with Charlie and asked my vet
      about it at his last visit.

      So it was back on last week and I watched again. Not only did they never
      mention HCM, they said Maine coons were a "healthy, hardy cat with no known
      health problems"!! And the date said 2008!

      I know that the disease affects all breeds and ages, but with the
      development of the genetic test for this breed and others I thought it should have
      been mentioned.

      Just goes to show you shouldn't just use one source of information.
      I shouldn't have.

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