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  • Helen Peterson
    Susan, I m sorry to hear Keeshu has a heart murmur.  But remember  - it doesn t automaticallty mean she has HCM or any other issues. I would still go ahead
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      I'm sorry to hear Keeshu has a heart murmur.  But remember  - it doesn't automaticallty mean she has HCM or any other issues. I would still go ahead with the appt because it's what she needs and the sooner the better for her.  (BTW - have you looked into pet insurance?  Sure wish I had before my kitties had anything documented on their illnesses!!  If I ever get a cat again, I'm getting the insurance, too!)

      Toby was dx with HCM just as I was starting to get a grip on Zima's dx of Renal Failure and allllllll the treatements and appointments that would be taking over our lives for the rest of her life.  I was counting on Toby to help me with Zima's passing and now I am going to loose both of them.  So it is hard on me to take either of them in for appts because thats always when the bad news comes.  But it is what they need, and I will be strong enough to do what's right for them.

      I know you will be there for whatever Keeshu needs, just like you did with Pye.  I will be praying that the murmur is nothing to worry about!  Keep us posted!

       ~Helen, Zima, & Toby ~

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      Thank you. Pye's cardiologist was part of the Plavix study at Purdue. He only prescribed Plavix for her but since on by the second day it very much looked as though she was going to be okay and get to come home in another day, he was going to add aspirin to her regimen. If I'd known it is more effective with aspirin I would have asked for it.

      I believe with Pye (my husband took care of the pills) she was on one half of a 75 mg. dose of Plavix once a day. A year and a half ago when the echo showed her left atrium had become very enlarged, she was started on the Plavix and we had a bit of trouble with the pharmacist because initially she said she couldn't give us the Plavix knowing we were going to cut the pill. The manufacturer of Plavix said the pills can't be cut because they couldn't guarantee a consistent amount of medication in each half (and maybe that's why Pye got a clot). Our cardiologist had to get on the phone and convince the pharmacist that the 75 cats in the study were given cut pills with no problems.

      In any case, we were told that you can cut the 75 mg pills and that's what we've been doing for the past year and three months. My understanding is that there is little evidence that aspirin alone prevents clots either.

      What I wonder is why not warfarin (Coumadin) which does prevent clots? If we had been given that option, even though it would require frequent monitoring with coagulation tests, we would have done it.

      Our other cat has a new heart murmur and I do not want to go through this whole thing again as the pain I am feeling now is so horrible. We were supposed to take her for an echo in two weeks but now we are trying to decide if that is too soon to bear. I don't know if I can stand seeing the place Pye died so soon, but if Keeshu does have a heart problem we need to start treating her.

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      Hi Anastasia;  just had another thought.  I don t know what your religious beliefs are, but if you were a Buddhist you would believe that the soul stays in
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        Hi Anastasia;  just had another thought.  I don't know what your religious beliefs are, but if you were a Buddhist you would believe that the soul stays in the area of death for about 2 weeks and can occasionally be "seen" or felt.  While not a practicing Buddhist, I do believe in reincarnation, and I did and my husband did both feel (at the same time) that on occasion Max was with us in the room...it gets weaker by the day.  Just wanted to let you know that this possibility exists and to keep an eye open for it.  
        all the best,
        Judi and Angel Max and Tuckerbug

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        Subject: [FH] Plavix

        Hello Anatasia,

        I am in the LA area and my Sheba takes Plavix.    We would be grateful for those pills.

        We have been thinking of Elvis lately and keeping him in our paw prayers each night.   And we will continue to honor him every.evening when it is medicine time.

        Love and kitty kisses,
        Jordan and Sheba

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