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Back from Vet, Heart Murmur/Ultrasound Update

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  • wonderkitty93
    Thank you all for your responses. I want to give you an update on what the vet said and a thorough description of what we ve been going through the past month.
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 28, 2009
      Thank you all for your responses.

      I want to give you an update on what the vet said and a thorough description of what we've been going through the past month.

      First, let me start from the beginning.

      A week before Thanksgiving, Tommy, who is diabetic and wasn't being regulated properly at the time, was camped out in front of his litter box. It was 10pm on a Saturday night and I was very concerned that something serious was wrong because he's never done this before in all his 16 years. We took him to the ER that night but didn't have much luck....the only thing we found out was that his blood sugar was 300 which is very high for him. We decided to increase his insulin and visit the vet on Monday.

      Sunday he was sicker and Sunday night he was pacing around the house and acting really "out of it"...pressing his head into corners, hiding under furniture and getting stuck. He was NOT himself. We visited our regular vet on Monday afternoon and she wasn't able to do much for him. His back legs were terribly weak (perhaps diabetic neuropathy) and the vet gave him a B vitamin shot. The urine sample found white blood cells, no blood and very little sugar. His Creatinine was 3.2 and his BUN was elevated above normal as well. His white blood cells were elevated. She thought it was something like cancer of the kidney or cushing's disease and referred us to a specialist who does ultrasounds so his kidneys and other organs could be looked at.

      The specialist (who is NOT board certified but has apparently done 1000 or more ultrasounds) said she saw something swollen near one of his kidney's (I can't remember the exact term she used...maybe a bulging blood vestle or something of that sort)that could indicate a kidney infection or could be related to the high blood pressure she discovered (220).

      She didn't put him on the BP meds right away because she wanted to see if the antibiotics (Clavamox) would take care of the infection which would in turn reduce his BP. Unfortunatley, a few days later he started doing the head pressing "out of it" behaviour again, I called her and she prescribed Benazapril. The Benazapril dramatically improved his behaviour and he seemed a lot more normal, but when we went in for a recheck on the BP a few days later his BP was still 220 so she prescribed Amlodipine and he's been on that ever since and now his BP is steady at 140. His Creatinine and BUN have dropped but are still above the normal range.

      Meanwhile, we stopped seeing our old vet and started seeing a new one who seems a little more thorough and knowledgable. She heard a heart murmur (this was after his BP was down to 140) about a week or so ago. We went in again this morning and she heard it again and said it was a 2 on a scale of 1 to 6 (same as last visit) which she said wasn't that severe but she thought since it was new it warranted a look with the ultrasound. So we went back this afternoon. The same ultrasound vet looked at his kidneys and this time said that one looked smaller. She thought this was what she had seen last time but I don't remember her saying anything about one of the kidneys looking smaller than the other and I reminded her of that swelling thing that she had seen before and she didn't seem to have no memory of it and said she could look back on her records. She said his heart looked like it had a bit of thickening but it wasn't severe and if she saw it on a 2 year old cat she'd be concerned but because of his hypertensive problems and kidney issues she said it's to be expected.

      I'm going to call tomorrow and see if she can look back at the prior ultrasound because I'm concerned that there's a chance that one of his kidneys has shrunken and wonder if that could indicate that this was more than a kidney infection.

      I also don't like the fact that she said there was thickening. That concerns me.

      Right now he has some issues with constipation, although they seem to be getting a little better but the vet wants him on 1/8 tsp daily of Miralax. He's been on his antibitoics for over 3 weeks now and will go off them tonight. He's still on the same dose of Amlodipine and he seems pretty well, although certainly not as energetic as he was a couple months ago, and he doesn't seem quite as happy.

      I just want to make sure we're not missing something. Any of your thoughts and advice is much appreciated.

      Thank you so much,

      Rebecca and Tommy =^..^=
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