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FW: [FH] Odie? Vagel feed back nerve

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  • Maureen Kemper
    Tammy, my 20 year old cat Puff developed second degree heart block. This would cause his heart rate to drop to 85. This is not a problem w/ vagas nerve, but
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 9, 2009
      Tammy, my 20 year old cat Puff developed second degree heart block. This
      would cause his heart rate to drop to 85. This is not a problem w/ vagas
      nerve, but a conduction problem between the atrium and ventricle. His heart
      would be beating just fine, then in a matter of seconds the rate would drop
      below 100. He was very ill and several times had seizure like episodes. I
      have third degree heart block and it was initially misdiagnosed as a vagas
      nerve problem (which I should have undergone a tilt-table test for) .. a
      potentially fatal error. I have no functional heart disease .. heart block
      is a problem with the electrical system. Is it possible that this could be
      what is happening to Odie? It is often diagnosed via an EKG. First degree
      heart block does not cause severe symptoms. Second degree results in heart
      skipping beats and may lead to dizziness or fainting .. this is what Puff
      had. Third degree can result in the heart stopping and can be fatal.
      Puff's cardiologist said that cats could live pretty well w/ second degree
      heart block .. but if heart rate fell below 80, that is not a good thing.
      Anyway, just wanted to throw that out there as I'm not sure how one
      determines there is a vagas nerve problem in a cat! I hope Odie is feeling



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      Subject: [FH] Odie? Vagel feed back nerve

      Hello all:

      My other cat Odie (age 19.5) Main Coon Rescue, has a problem with his Vagel
      feed back nerve (per Geulph University) He was there for 3 days with
      WONDERFUL care. They did MANY test kidneys (good) lungs (good) heart (good).
      Next they did an ultra sound guided biopsy of his liver and spleen both came
      back negative for infection and cancer. The next place to look was his
      intestine, this is when we decided not to biopsy because they would have to
      put him under and to me this was to much of a risk. Besides I was not
      convinced I would get an answer with both the spleen and liver being
      negative. My regular vet put it best "you may kill him finding an answer
      that you may not want to hear".
      Has anyone here had this problem. His heart rate fell to 120 and his body
      temp was down by 1.5 this is why we had to rush him to Geulph.

      He is home now and is doing OK he is not 100% with his eating and pooping.
      This could be from the drugs (we hope) the Dr. put him on prednisone to see
      if it would help.

      I am just so sick of VET bills between Slicky and Odie everyone on my list
      is getting a copy of the vet bills and an IOU for next year!!!!
      All I want for Christmas is a house full of happy snd healthy FUR KIDS!!!!

      Tammy & THE FUR KIDS
      Ontario Canada

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