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An intro of sorts

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  • Amber StarCat
    Hello to you all!!!! I m so very glad that I have found this site. My name is Amber and I live in Melbourne, Florida with my four feline friends. Willow, my
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2000
      Hello to you all!!!!

      I'm so very glad that I have found this site. My name
      is Amber and I live in Melbourne, Florida with my four
      feline friends.

      Willow, my youngest, 4 year old British Shorthair was
      diagnosed with HCM last August. He had a well cat
      checkup in July and within a months time lost 10% of
      his body weight, became lethargic, and limped. A
      complete checkup found him to have a gallop heartrate,
      a heart murmur of III/VI. Blood work indicated a high
      CPK among a few abnormalities. Also, was diagnosed
      positive for heartworms!!! He was referred to an
      internist who did a EKG and blood pressure. He
      thought the blood pressure was high and was worried so
      he put him on Amlodipine. Well, between the time of
      his primary and his intern, Willow lost another 10% of
      his body weight. He developed an allergy to the
      amlodipine with hyper salivation and glossal
      ulceration on his tongue. So, for three-four days he
      didn't eat and the internist refused to see him.
      Returned a very unhappy camper to my primary.
      Willow's guardian angel~~~a dear friend~~~told us to
      go to another clinic in another county. So we
      did...by miracle I was seen by the only veterinary
      cardiologist in the state of Florida who has cardiac
      clinics in different places in Florida but whose
      general practice is in Gainesville. Willow was then
      put on Atenolol and has since been doing great. Also,
      CoQ10...but I've been lax about giving that to him.
      He has an appointment today with his primary.
      Hopefully everything will check out.

      A bit about me...I'm in my second year of veterinary
      nursing school....this past term has been hideous but
      I managed to get through. And am in a summer school
      class. To say the least, Willow has been a case study
      for me a few times. I was so worried about my child
      last November I even sent out a huge internet prayer
      of sorts for him...and the responses back were
      wondrous. I also, know this is why he is here
      today...so many people I didn't even know lit candles,
      sent reiki energy, and prayed for my little brave
      scoop of love. The internet can be such a beautiful
      thing!!! Yes, I'm a bit eccentric but I'm fun!!!!

      A good internet source is by Willow's cardiologist...

      Looking forward to meeting all of you and learning
      bunches of great new stuff!!!

      Be Blessed!!
      ~~Amber * >^..^<

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