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Re: [feline-heart] Introducing Pongo

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  • Laura Penny
    Hi Melinda, Welcome to the list! I know the feeling about wanting your cats to be around forever. Hopefully Pongo will do well on the Vasotec. Kassy s kidney
    Message 1 of 1 , May 30, 2000
      Hi Melinda,

      Welcome to the list!

      I know the feeling about wanting your cats to be around forever. Hopefully
      Pongo will do well on the Vasotec.

      Kassy's kidney values actually went down after she started Norvasc. I wonder
      if the reason is because the kidneys don't have to work as hard if the blood
      pressure improves. She's on diltiazem, Norvasc, and Tapazole for HCM,
      hypertension, and hyperthyroidism. She also has early CRF, but right now her
      kidney values are normal.

      We also thought the HCM diagnosis was a death sentence at first,
      particularly since we had lost another cat to HCM only 6 months before. But
      Kassy's measurements have improved slightly since diagnosis in January 98,
      as have Lucky's, who was diagnosed shortly after that.

      Lucky also has an "intermittent gallop" and elevated liver enzymes, but both
      problems come and go.

      Best of luck!

      Laura (age unmentionable), Lucky (16) and Kassy (16 in July)

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      Subject: [feline-heart] Introducing Pongo

      >I'm Melinda, and my husband and I have two all-white, domestic
      >shorthair/Siamese mix littermates, Phoebe and Pongo, who will turn 16 in
      >Pongo was diagnosed last July with HCM. He'd been a little lethargic, which
      >we'd chalked up to the heat wave, but we decided to move his regular vet
      >appointment up by a few weeks.
      >The vet found a "gallop" heartbeat, and did a T4 to rule out hyperthyroid
      >-- Pongo had half his thyroid removed at age 11, but these problems can
      >An EKG and an echocardiagram confirmed left-ventricular HCM. Pongo was put
      >on Cardizem and Lasix.
      >I'd thought the diagnosis was a death sentence, and for the next few days I
      >kept staring at the cat to see if he'd stop breathing or throw a clot. But
      >he's been active and energetic since then, except for one bad spell last
      >Fall where he'd lost muscle mass and looked "off." The vet found a small
      >amount of fluid in his lungs and upped the Lasix, which had probably been
      >too low to begin with, since Pongo's always been a big cat.
      >We also started him on half a Winstrol (anabolic steroid) every three days
      >to improve his muscle mass.
      >A few months ago, he was showing an elevated liver value. The vet
      >prescribed a quarter of a Tapazole twice a day, which has brought the
      >numbers down. The vet doesn't think the HCM was caused by hyperthyroid,
      >A follow-up echocardiogram last week showed the HCM to be "a bit worse"
      >than it was last July. On the advice of the cardiologist, we've added
      >Vasotec, 3/4 of a 2.5 mg tab once a day. We have to bring him to the vet in
      >three weeks so they can check for kidney damage.
      >Twin sister Phoebe shows no signs of the disease. She had a heart murmur
      >last Fall, but tested hyperthyroid and was put on Tapazole, and the murmur
      >went away.
      >We get all the heart meds as generics (Diltiazem, Furosemide, Enalapril) at
      >our local discount drugstore, since they're all "people" heart meds. The
      >most expensive thing is the Tapazole.
      >In addition, Pongo gets two 10 mg. capsules of CoQ10 emptied into his food
      >every day, an eighth of a tsp of psyllium husks, half a Pepcid twice a day,
      >a NuCat vitamin, and sometimes my husband and I have time to eat, sleep and
      >go to work.
      >I'm glad to have found this list and glad to see that there are other older
      >cats whose HCM is being slowed or stabilized. We want to give Pongo as full
      >a lifespan as possible, although he's my special boy and forever would be
      >just about long enough.
      >--Melinda, Jim, Phoebe, Pongo
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