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Re: Winston's Update - Asthma

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  • Carolyn Larson
    Hi - my cat Stanley has asthma and HCM (and other problems as well). Here are the meds he s on, plus he gets a wonderful heart vitamin pill (actually
    Message 1 of 11 , Dec 3, 2009
      Hi - my cat Stanley has asthma and HCM (and other problems as
      well). Here are the meds he's on, plus he gets a wonderful "heart
      vitamin" pill (actually recommended by my horse vet and
      enthusiastically agreed to by my small animal vet). Just FYI, Stan
      has a disease which causes severe potassium deficiency, so the
      potassium I'm listing is way, way beyond any normal dose. Because
      what helps with asthma, like pred, is bad for HCM, it's a heck of a
      balancing act, but bless my vets, he's been on this regime now for
      three years, knock on wood. Stan is 9.3 pounds, +/- 17 years old
      (he's adopted so that's the best guess). Every cat's situation is
      different, and your vet would determine what would be applicable, but
      I'm posting this to tell you it can be done. Here's what he gets:
      Baby aspirin - twice a week, not on the same days as the
      prednisilone, for addressing potential clotting (aspirin is dangerous
      for cats but this schedule was felt safe under the circumstances)
      Aminophyline - 1/2 pill twice a day for the asthma
      Triacinolone - twice a week for the asthma (form of pred - this is a
      very low dose)
      Atenolol - 1/2 pill daily for his heart
      Furosemide - this was removed from his schedule when the potassium
      problem showed up, but it was for his heart
      Enalapril - 1/2 pill once a day
      Tumil K - potassium - 6 per day (!)
      Spironolactone - 1/4 pill twice a day for high blood pressure
      Cardio-Strength vitamin from Vetri-Science - 1 per day

      I put these myriad pills in gelatin capsules (with the pred, the
      capsules have to be size 0), rub the capsule in a little butter to
      help it down. He has never had a problem even with this size, and
      Stan became very easy to pill at the rate of 8 per day. He's a sweetheart.

      Carol and Stan in Maine

      P.S. Years ago I had a wonderful cat named Winston - hugs to yours
      from my angel
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