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RE: [FH] HCM - Kitty after Anesthesia

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  • Betty Ann
    Hi...welcome to the group...sorry you have to be here. You ll find many people with lots of experience (unfortunately). Pixel (12.5 years old) was diagnosed
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 19, 2009
      Hi...welcome to the group...sorry you have to be here. You'll find many
      people with lots of experience (unfortunately). Pixel (12.5 years old) was
      diagnosed with obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with an ultra sound
      last February. We didn't even know she had a problem until she was given a
      very thorough exam to see if she qualified for a kidney study. There's no
      way of knowing how long she's had this heart condition. She takes medication
      to help slow the heart and put less stress on it. As of yet, Pixel has not
      had a problem with congestive heart issues. She has had dental work done
      since her official diagnosis and I suspect previous rounds of dental work
      were done before we knew she has HCOM.

      With heart kitties and multiple aliment kitties, it's a balancing act. You
      have to work with your vet, educate yourself and advocate for your kitty's
      unique situation. I'm glad you have faith in your vet because that helps a
      lot! It's a shock when you're told your sweet cat has heart issues. For me,
      finding this group and educating myself on Pixel's particular health issues
      have helped a lot!

      You will find many people here who can help answer your questions. Good

      Betty Ann &
      Pixel (CRF w/HBP & HCOM), Piton, Pipsqueak
      Angels: Tandy, Toni, Snagglefoot

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      Subject: [FH] HCM - Kitty after Anesthesia

      Hi! I am so glad I found your group! I am desperate to find more information
      on this subject and to talk to others who may have been through this. I have
      a 6 yr old male kitty who has recurring instances of urinary blockages. He's
      also overweight at 18 pounds. This last epsisode, I decided to go ahead and
      get the PU surgery done on him to help with is urinary issue. Tried all the
      diets, watched him like a hawk in the box...etc etc..

      He made it through the surgery just fine on Tuesday morning. I had a call
      from the Dr at 4PM that day stating that my kitty was not doing well and
      that he had a lot of fluid in his lungs. They explained that it was most
      likely because there may be an underlying heart condition that was not
      detected in any of the pre-op tests. He's been on oxygen and dieretics all
      week in addition to other meds. Wed, they did an ultrasound and discovered
      his left ventricle to be thickened. Said his heart on the outside looked
      normal size but the inside was enlarged. I am very frightened of this and
      don't want to lose my kitty.

      I have faith in my vet - just can't believe that he is going through this
      after what I thought would be a somewhat uncomplicated surgery with normal
      after care. Today he looked and sounded better but he's not out of the woods

      Has anyone else had this happen after surgery? Maybe it was a good thing I
      had the surgery because he had the heart problem without me knowing it?

      I just feel so bad for him right now...
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