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Re: crf and congestive heart failure- new to group

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  • C.R.
    hi Amy, I m sorry Smokey is dealing with both CRF and CHF. It does seem to happen a lot with heart/kidney kitties. My angel Sweetie was CRF for 3 years before
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 18, 2009
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      hi Amy,

      I'm sorry Smokey is dealing with both CRF and CHF. It does seem to happen a lot with heart/kidney kitties. My angel Sweetie was CRF for 3 years before she was diagnosed with HCM and CHF. In her case the CHF was brought on by having to take steroids for her IBD. The steroids caused her to retain a lot of fluid...all the subq's we were giving her, and she developed the congestive heart failure. The vets didn't tell me that the steroids can cause the fluid retention.

      In any case, unfortunately, you need to treat the heart first. Yes, the kidneys won't be very good. What you need to do is try to balance the medications for he heart failure (diuretics, heart meds, etc.) with however much subQ's you can give him. It may not be enough to keep the kidneys healthy, but it's possible to keep them functioning well enough to keep him stable.

      What is his BUN now? I see you said it was 179. What did it come down to? With Sweetie we had to give her minimal fluids daily, and separate them out into two sessions. She went from getting 100 to 150 a day before the CHF, to then down to as low as 25mls twice a day, which we knew wasn't enough to keep her kidneys "well", but it was all we could do. Then when we got the fluid under control as best we could, then we could increase the subQ's little at a time, but we were never able to give the 100 to 150mls a day we were doing before. The most we were able to give her was 50 to 75mls a day. It's not the greatest solution, but it kept her mostly okay for the whole last year of her life. Now Sweetie was 18 when this all happened, so since Smokey is younger and probably stronger, he may be able to live with and balance this better than Sweetie did.

      I see you're giving Epogen. Make sure you're also giving some kind of iron supplement too. You're supposed to supplement iron when giving Epogen.

      Listen, the vets, internists or otherwise, don't really know exactly what may happen. With careful balancing of meds and supplements, subQ's and diet, I think a heart/kidney kitty can do pretty well. I know some here have. Sweetie was one. Our angel Chris was another.

      It might be a good idea to start Smokey on some of the heart supplements. That may help strengthen his heart and get the function going better too. The things that some of us typically give are CoQ10, DMG (dimethylglycine), taurine, L-carnitine, and there's one called Nattokinase that's used to help prevents clots. If you go into the "files" on the homepage, you'll see the files there on supplements for heart kitties.

      Hang in there, Amy. I hope Smokey recovers well for you for a long time.

      Carol and Snowball and the gang
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