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Re: [FH] OT: IMPORTANT - Cat in Iowa catches swine flu

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  • Pat
    Hi Carol; Again, in response to your message I am sending the following information ... From: C.R. ... As cats with any illness that
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      Hi Carol;

      Again, in response to your message I am sending the following information
      that I have also sent to other groups:

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      From: "C.R." <carolroars@...>

      >I know this is way off topic, but it's really important. There's now been a
      >documented case of a cat that has caught >the H1N1/Swine Flu virus.

      As cats with any illness that compromises the immune system are vulnerable,
      just as humans are, I don't see this as off topic. (-:

      I just sent a copy of the WHO alert on this to another group dealing with
      cats that have immune compromised systems, and I will forward that to this
      group, too.

      Along with that I have tried to provide the reliable resources that I have
      been coming across such as the following sites:
      "Transmission of pandemic H1N1 influenza virus and impact
      of prior exposure to seasonal strains or interferon treatment"

      In other words, if your veterinarian has access to interferon, it can be
      used to treat the flu in cats. There is a type of IFN designed specifically
      for the cat population, but I gather the human form works, too.

      Another site relating to cats that have previously been treated with IFN,
      (cats with FIV, etc.):

      "Haller et al. demonstrated that in the presence
      of IFN, mice with a functional Mx1 gene, the murine homologue
      of the human MxA gene, were more likely to survive a lethal
      influenza virus challenge than mice without a functional Mx1 gene
      (3). IFN-alpha is required to induce the Mx1-mediated influenza virus
      resistance, because treatment of mice with an anti-IFN Ab eliminates
      the beneficial effect of the intact Mx1 gene (3, 24, 25). However,
      the role of IFN-induced MxA in controlling influenza virus
      replication in humans and other animals is unclear."

      If the virus is on your hands it doesn't survive long, but does remain
      viable in droplets caused by coughing or sneezing. The best

      If you are vaccinated, don't use acetaminophen for aches and pains as the
      antibody production is reduced:

      I will send the WHO report separately as it is quite long, even though I
      have tried to trim it for groups.

      Pat and all the boys
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