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Re: [FH] Administering Medication

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  • Carolyn Cohen
    I also syringe some of the meds that I compound myself. I do it a little different and this way it can be partially done in advance. For example one of the
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      I also syringe some of the meds that I compound myself. I do it a little different and this way it can be partially done in advance. For example one of the pills I compound is cyproheptadine and I give 1/4 of a pill at a time. I can quarter the pill in advance and crush each quarter and keep them in compartments of one of those containers for putting out your pills for the week in advance. Then when she is due to have the med I measure about .4 ml and drop it in the container with the powder, mix it around a bit and syringe it back up into the syringe. Either of these ways will work and putting the pill in the syringe uses less dishes but sometimes, for me anyway, time is of the essence. Just another option.

      I have found the same thing with methods like the pill pockets. They seem to only work until the kitty catches on.

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      I'm sure people will suggest Pill Pockets, cream cheese, cheese, etc. I
      don't know of anyone whose cat didn't catch on after a few weeks. Just one
      taste of the pill inside & that doesn't work any more. They're good for
      short-term dosing.

      I also spent a fortune having the meds compounded. Finally I started doing
      it myself. The artificial flavors they use are not always palatable to the
      cats and my pharmacist was ripping me off. I started getting the pills from
      Costco & saved over $75 monthly.

      NOTE!!!!! I was told that you CANNOT mix spiro with water or it forms toxic
      by-products. However, you can mix it with oil.

      I could use plain water (except for spiro), but you can also try using water
      drained from a can of tuna fish. Just keep it frozen / refrigerated so it
      doesn't go bad. For the spiro, you can use oil drained from a can of tuna
      or salmon oil, fish oil or anything they like. DON'T use cod-liver oil as
      oil from the liver contains high amounts of vitamin D. Over time, they
      could build up a toxic amount.

      To set up the meds, I would pull the plunger from a syringe and put in the
      single-dose pill(s). Put the plunger back in and then draw up the liquid
      you are using and let it set for 10 minutes or however long it takes the
      pills to melt. Then give it to them. Experiment to get a comfortable
      balance between the liquid & the pills. Sludge will stick in their mouths -
      not good for something that tastes nasty.

      Have a syringe of plain water / tuna water / oil as a chaser to clean the
      mouth of the nasty taste.

      This saved me a TON of money. The downside is you have to make up the dose
      each & every time. That wasn't a problem for me.

      Sue & angels Pepper & Gandy
      with Nicholai, Lola-Joy and Isabella

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      Subject: [FH] Administering Medication

      > My 13 yr old female furbaby has advanced heart disease. I have her
      > medications - Enalpril & Furosemide/Spironol act & aspirin flavored at a
      > compounding pharmacy. I have tried the flavors beef, chicken, fish &
      > cheese/catnip. She hates them all & foams at the mouth when I medicate
      > her. Her stressing is not good for her heart & I feel terrible to force
      > meds down her throat. She has never been a good eater & there is no treat
      > that she likes. I have long thought her sense of smell is the cause of her
      > lack of interest in food. I've spend a small fortune over the yrs trying
      > to find a treat she will accept. Does anyone have a suggestion on how her
      > meds can be camouflaged? Thank you. Frustrated kitty mom

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