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Re: [feline-heart] Lynx Update: Mostly Real Good

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  • Miguel &Linda Irrgang
    Go Lynx....we re all cheering for you in our home! Pum and Max and Linda
    Message 1 of 4 , May 29, 2000
      Go Lynx....we're all cheering for you in our home!

      Pum and Max and Linda

      Jonathan Rosenberg wrote:

      > Yesterday Lynx went back to the cardiologist for a follow-up ultrasound, EKG
      > & blood work. Since I haven't posted anything about him for a while, & I
      > just got a call from the vet with the blood results, this seemed like a good
      > time for an update ...
      > Most of the news is quite good:
      > The ultrasound showed "mild to moderate improvement in the size of the
      > heart" (yay!).
      > Lynx is doing well on the reduced dosage of lasix & we will be stopping it
      > all together in 2 day (yay!).
      > His thyroid level remains right where we want it to be.
      > Some minor concerns:
      > The blood work showed the following levels to be slightly elevated:
      > ALT
      > CK
      > BUN
      > The cardiologist thought the slightly-elevated ALT & BUN were due to the
      > heart meds & were typical for a cat in his situation. He said that the
      > implications of the elevated CK level were unclear, but he wasn't too
      > worried.
      > In addition, Lynx has developed a very minor arrhythmia. He thought that
      > this was unlikely to ever cause Lynx any problems.
      > Of course, Lynx's heart is still signifcantly diseased & the long-term
      > prognosis is poor. Nonetheless, we are absolutely thrilled at the
      > improvement. Lynx goes back in two months & we are hoping for even further
      > improvement, as he continues in our care.
      > Lynx's spirits & attitude remain excellent & he is a very happy boy. His
      > appetite is still incredible & he has the most wonderful personality. He
      > continues to be the coolest cat I have ever known.
      > I want to thank each of you that have been praying/chanting/etc. for Lynx.
      > I really think it has helped him. Please continue your prayers & warm
      > thoughts for our boy Lynx.
      > Oh yeah, ... Lynx says "thanks", too :-)
      > --
      > JR
      > & Tabby (RB), Licorice, Tigger, Lynx
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