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Re: Harpsie anaemic and *possible* cancer )-:

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    Use of baytril in cats- After my cat start acting strange while on Baytril, I did a little research and found out that high doses of Baytril has caused
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 28, 2001
      Use of baytril in cats-

      After my cat start acting strange while on Baytril, I did a little
      research and found out that high doses of Baytril has caused
      blindness in cats. The % is very small, approximately 1 in 120,000.
      I think the maximum daily dosage recommended by Bayer is 2.27mg per
      pound of body weight. In addition, "injectable baytril" has only
      been approved for use in dogs. My cat also had "injectable baytril"
      but suffered no eyesight effects so don't worry. But, please check
      with your vet about the dosgage of Baytril your cat is getting.
      Here's a link to one of the websites I found -


      Donna B.

      --- In feline-heart@y..., "Helen" <helenandcats@n...> wrote:
      > We're depressed )-: Harpsie's on a drip at the vet's and I've just
      been told
      > he needs to stay there at least until tomorrow. The vet has run
      > tests today, including urinalysis, ultrasounding his kidneys (he has
      > polycystic kidneys) and his bladder. The kidneys do not appear to
      > worsened as far as she can tell, but his bladder shows severe
      > which wasn't there two months ago.
      > Vet is still hoping this is infection-related, and is going to try
      > injectable baytril for a few days in the hope that this will reduce
      > inflammation and the thickening. Anybody had good results with
      this? I know
      > it's supposed to be good for UTIs. It will be the fourth antibiotic
      > tried. If it doesn't work, we have to start considering the
      possibility of
      > bladder cancer ))-: Anybody have experience of this? My vet says
      it's rare,
      > but then this is Harpsie, the cat the cardiologist calls "the
      > veterinary textbook".
      > His bloodwork was fine apart from BUN (below normal, not high,
      which can
      > indicate liver problems) and PCV - 24% but he was dehydrated so it's
      > probably worse than that. Vet has no idea why he's anaemic, no
      clues in
      > bloodwork apart from the BUN indicating *possible* liver
      involvement, and no
      > other obvious reason. Of course, this is putting a strain on his
      > having to work harder pumping the blood )-: And he's anaemic
      despite being
      > on anabolic steroids for the last two weeks )-: Any suggestions
      > appreciated.
      > Basically, if the baytril doesn't reduce the bladder wall
      thickening, my vet
      > wants to operate next Friday to check his bladder for cancer and to
      do a
      > liver biopsy for clues re the anaemia (Harpsie has had liver
      problems in the
      > past). This is so scary )-: Thanks for any info, advice and the ever
      > important white light/prayers/good vibes. The vet told me not to
      > though she also said she knew it was pointless telling me that.
      > certainly right about that! I really hope he can come home tomorrow.
      > Helen, Harpsie, Indie and Karma, and Angels Tanya, George and Thomas
      > *************************************
      > Tanya's UK Feline Chronic Renal Failure
      Information Centre
      > http://users.ouvip.com/tanya
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