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Theo - Question Heart Failure & Vet not noticing

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  • MichelleR
    Dear Friends: Theo passed away last August and it has been very difficult to realize... before I even got to grieving. Now my mind is going over those last
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 17, 2009
      Dear Friends:

      Theo passed away last August and it has been very difficult to realize... before I even got to grieving.

      Now my mind is going over those last days... I am posting part of this also on the hyper-t site. I have a question that is troubling me and maybe you can help.

      Yesterday, I felt ready to begin looking at the relation of hyper-thyroid disease and heart failure that caused Theo's death.

      On several websites, I found a quote, which I can't seem to find today… but basically it said that many cats with hyper-t will develop heart problems and even heart failture, but with treatment they will be alright or go back to normal. That was the basic gist.

      This brought to recall the last few months before Theo was so ill that first day – two days before he past away.

      First I have realized and take responsibility for my part in his illness – what I overlooked and when he should have been at the vet in the summer months. Also, the vet told me, that my handling of the situation the day Theo fell ill – thinking that he had eaten something he shouldn't – as he did often – and was chocking – the things I did that morning likely made his condition much worse. All this is a burden I carry… and though people try to comfort me on this, they cannot. Only God knows for sure what the situation was.

      Meanwhile, going back to the above statement, I did take Theo to the vet on August 11th – one week before he fell ill. He had a blood test which came showed his t-4 was 8.00.

      I specifically asked this vet, which I've gone to see on and off for years… to check his heart. He said it was ok. I also described the spasms he was having, - which I now think were some kind of arythmia and part of the heart failure. The vet suggested I send him a video, so he could see them.

      After we left, I went to a local gift shop to ask if they would like to carry my book, Sabrina. The owner asked if I lived in the area and when I explained that we came there for the vet, he said he would not take his pet to him. That he was terrible and another vet used to practice with him and threw him out.

      Now looking back on this, it all hits me. After Theo fell ill I called the vet again and asked him about his heart. He said it was fine and these things happen.

      I also remember my horror when he told me that hyper-thyroid was cancer. I said, "you mean a tumor? Not all is cancer." And I remember my eyes widening in the way they do when someone says something crazy, when he told me,

      "It's all cancer. Some is malignant and some not."
      The upshot was that it was not curable and would kill him… my feeling. Just like he told me the previous year that at his age, Theo had kidney failure whether it showed or not and would not be a candidate for 131. If I had the money, I would have pursued it though.

      The sites online also say, "Remember old age is not a disease."

      We already discussed this on the hyper-t site and the fact that it's not cancer. I thought he must be loosing it.

      So the question is… since Theo was having signs of heart problems for two months at least – that I somehow ignored or brushed off and by Wednesday (he saw the vet the previous Tuesday) – the day he fell so seriously ill, his lungs were full of fluid and he was badly in heart-failure – don't you think one week prior to this he should have had some notion… that something was wrong? Wouldn't something have shown when he listened to Theo's heart and lungs?

      Or did it all come that morning when I gave him petromalt and tried to stop his chocking before I took him to the vet?

      Today I imagined what could have been if a vet had realized that week and started medication for him. Also, advised me immediately to put him on a double dose of methimazole…..

      Any comments appreciated. How can we be aware of heart problems? How can we trust our vets?

      When I saw all this clearly this morning, I felt slightly out of my mind. I trusted this vet. Theo's life was in his hands and he failed him.

      Thank you for any answers on this. I need to resolve it in my mind and also I would hope that anything I have had to live through would help someone else not have to. By the way, on a coughing question, I just read this can be a sign of congestive heart failure. Read on the site below... I think on Tanya's site... if this is not it... check that one.

      Michelle for Angel Theo

      PS Sometime in July (it was hotter) Theo stopped sleeping up high and preferred the ground… instead of the sofa, bed or a place on some tubs next to me as usual. He also would walk and then sit on the ground… more tired than usual. Again, this must have been forming and I would think a vet would catch something.

      Here is a link to some warning signs. http://www.geocities.com/feline_crf/Documents/Warning_Signs_of_CHF.html
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