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RE: [FH] Willow - Newly diagnosed HCM

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  • Judi Levens
    Hi: I don t know about the blood clots in Willow s heart, but I do know that if they were giving her any steroids for her asthma that this can cause
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 9, 2009
      Hi: I don't know about the blood clots in Willow's heart, but I do know that if they were giving her any steroids for her asthma that this can cause congestive heart failure and also cause the echo to appear worse than the disease actually is. My cat had this experience...he went into CHF from steroids for asthma and was diagnosed with severe heart disease (HCM) but after being on meds for 6 months (lasix and enalapril) his next echo showed mild to moderate heart disease, and he now does fine with just enalapril...worth checking out...good luck...Judi and Max

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      Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2009 17:55:20 +0000
      Subject: [FH] Willow - Newly diagnosed HCM

      Hi everyone - I'm new to this board. So glad I found it. My kitty is Willow. She's 11 yrs old. She started coughing 4 wks ago and the vet thought she had asthma. Had a "bronchial pattern" on the x-ray, but also an enlarged heart. Echo done by non-cardiologist. They said she had mild to moderate left atrium dilation and mitral valve insufficiency. Asthma meds did nothing, she kept getting worse. Then, this past Sat., she started having difficulty breathing. Took her to emergency clinic, she was in congestive heart failure. They got her stabilized overnight and transferred her to another clinic with cardiologists on staff. New echo by cardiologist revealed she has SEVERE HCM and congestive heart failure. She also has two blood clots already in her heart. She stayed there one more day and night and after several injections of lasix, her x-rays looked good. Her breathing is down to 28 resp per minute now. Normal. She went home on lasix (10 mg 2x per day) and Plavix (human drug) to help thin her blood. My question is, has anyone else found out their cat already had clots in her heart? Can they dissolve or is she just a ticking time bomb waiting for a saddle thrombosis? I'm beside myself with fear. She is my BABY. Although she's stable right now, she's eating if I coax her with her favorite food, drinking, etc. But she's staying under the bed. Probably good since the Dr. said we should keep her quiet due to the clots. Is this a definite death sentence with the clots already there? Should I have spared her future misery and put her to sleep? I just couldn't do it yet. The Dr. told me the average life span after a diagnosis this severe is 6 mos but she had one cat live 3 more years. I'm just scared to death. Any help or advice would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks so much.

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