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Re: [FH] New member/ CRF & CHF kitty

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  • cathy coleman
    Hi Tamia,     I m sorry to hear about your Lovie s recent diagnosis. I think you ll find, like I have, that there is a lot of wisdom and experience which
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      Hi Tamia,
          I'm sorry to hear about your Lovie's recent diagnosis. I think you'll find, like I have, that there is a lot of wisdom and experience which gets shared on this list. I'm relatively new to dealing w/ HCM.  My cat, Winston, had a similar situation - went into heart failure,  probably due to fluid treatment when he was recovering from an unrelated surgery. That's when he got diagnosed w/ HCM which they told me was in an advanced stage.
            He also had bad kidney values during this time, and what you say is true -   the heart has to trump the kidney.  The job of finding the right medication combination is tricky to be sure as the meds used to treat the heart can harm the kidney and vice versa. Winston wa in the hospital for nearly 2 weeks and was up and down but not stable enought to come home. The doctors told me there was one med that they were somewhat hopeful about which would help his heart and not hurt his kidneys - Pimobendan. It's primarily used in dogs but has shown a lot of promise in cats with advanced HCM, so...... I gave them the go ahead to try him on it, and within 2 days, his kidney values were back to normal, and soon after that, he was able to come home. He takes pimobendan twice a day now and seems to be doing great *knock on wood*. Like your cat, he's got a great spirit and seems very happy to be home, and I'm very happy too.  It might be worth asking
      about the use of pimobendan.  I am sure it isn't a good idea for all cats with HCM, but in Winston's case, it appears to have saved his life.
        I wish you and Lovie all the best,
        Cathy & Winston

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      Subject: [FH] New member/ CRF & CHF kitty
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      Hi group! Allow me to introduce Lovie, my rescue kitty who is just over a year old and has already been diagnosed with kidney disease which we've been treating for six weeks now. He went into heart failure due to either fluid overload or a blood transfusion (or both) on Saturday and I thought I was going to lose him! I knew he had a heart murmur but was never instructed to pursue treatment, nor was I warned of the risk that treating kidney failure could pose to his heart function. He fought hard to live, and with the help of Lasix and two days in an oxygen chamber, pulled through. He's at home now, happy as a lark as if the past three days never happened. His fighting spirit is incredible!

      I would love to hear from parents of kitties with both heart and kidney issues. I've been warned that treating both at once can be tricky at best- and though the vets are not positive about his prognosis, I'm hopeful. I've heard from a couple of members of the kidney group who are treating both just fine. We are seeing a specialist today for a heart ultrasound- I will post the results later today.

      I learned very quickly that the heart always trumps the kidney- if Lovie can't breathe, then... Any advice-even if just heart related advice- you all can offer me will be so appreciated. Is there a cardiologist/ internist in the Los Angeles area that any of you are pleased with? What can I expect the bill to run me today? Other than the echocardiogram, what other tests should be run? Any questions I should ask?

      Thank you in advance for any responses! Hope all of you and your kitties are having a fantastic day!

      Tamia & Lovie

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