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Re: [FH] Re:Possible FIP

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  • Pat
    Hi Debbie and All; The best site for up to date information is anything that comes out on Dr Addie s location: http://www.dr-addie.com/ As she puts it on that
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 3, 2009
      Hi Debbie and All;

      The best site for up to date information is anything that comes out on Dr
      Addie's location:
      As she puts it on that website, FIP can be a "consequence" of coronavirus
      which is what is common in cats. The test for Coronavirus is what
      veterinarians can do, but it can't tell you whether the cat has flipped to
      FIP, which only happens with unusual stresses on the body, (physical,
      starvation, etc).

      The Winn Foundation also has good information and they are talking about
      possible treatment for the dry form, however, again, it is hard to diagnose
      in order to know what one should be treating the cat for:
      "Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) is a baffling and clinical important
      disease of cats caused by a virulent biotype of feline coronavirus. Despite
      the fact that the disease is relatively common, veterinarians are faced with
      a frustrating dilemma because there are no individual tests that are
      reliable for the diagnosis of FIP, the clinical picture is highly variable,
      and there is no known effective treatment."

      Hopefully that will clear up any misunderstandings about this disease, and
      AFAIK the best preventive is to ensure you have clean litter boxes and the
      cats have a steady predictable routine that doesn't cause sudden fear or
      major stress. THAT would be how an immune system would be vulnerable, but I
      have never seen FIP described as below in several years of moderating a

      We have two cats with weakened immune systems, (FIV+ and former diabetic),
      but I have no worries that they will contract FIP because even though we
      have a multi cat household, we have eliminated any way that Coronavirus
      could flourish. Even when we moved and Hamlet spiralled out of control with
      his diabetes, I was not in fear of him contracting FIP at all.

      Pat and all the boys
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      From: <elfinmyst@...>
      > I had the same concern about my cat Nigel. He has megacolon, and when I
      > posted to the yahoo megacolon group, they said that the FIP test is not
      > very
      > accurate. Most cats get exposed to it at some point in their lives so
      > they'll have antibodies, which does not mean they're infected.

      > FIP is more of a problem for kittens with weak immune systems.
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