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pred, leukeran & testing

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  • Carolyn Cohen
    Background info (if you need it): Gaia is 18 has crf, heart murmur and ibd and/or lymphoma. Recently we were increasing Gaia s prednisolone from 1.5 mgs to 3
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 27, 2009
      Background info (if you need it): Gaia is 18 has crf, heart murmur and ibd and/or lymphoma.

      Recently we were increasing Gaia's prednisolone from 1.5 mgs to 3 mgs. when her appetite slacked off. The internist was concerned that the prednisolone might be effecting Gaia's kidneys and suggested we back off the pred and do a superchem screen and cbc before doing anything else. I advised internist that she has been having some appetite issues over the last few months and that it began before she was on the prednisolone and wanted to know if we could try bringing the prednisolone back up a little and adding a little leukeran (as initially planned) and then do the testing. Basically I asked this because funds are not unlimited and I want to use the money I can spend on Gaia's health in the places where it will do the most good. I wish this wasn't the case but it is. Vet agreed that we could do it this way . He said we could increase the pred back to 3 mgs. and start her on a little leukeran and do the testing in two weeks but stated that we are
      then taking more of a risk. So now he has me scared and I am not sure what to do. We did do a superchem screen and cbc on August 3 and the internist didn't see anything of concern to him. He requested these new labs as a result of her appetite problem and the concern regarding the pred and the kidneys.

      We are planning to have Gaia seen today or Saturday by the regular vet before making any changes. Also she does not seem to be in any major distress that we can tell although she does sleep a lot and does spend a portion of her time off by herself. She is a little more upbeat in the last few days and the changes there are the reduction of the pred and the addition of cyproheptadine. My guess is that it might be more to do with the latter than the former since she is eating better.

      I am interested to know what the testing protocols are/were with your kitties, especially those with multiple issues like Gaia, when you were first starting the pred/leukeran protocol. Also interested in how your kitties did with these meds and if they experienced problems that were life threatening or made their other conditions worse. Did you see changes in appetite? In your experience was it really important to have this kind of blood work on frequent basis?

      I don't want to take any kind of major and foolish chances but also have to be realistic. Thanks much for your input.

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