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Re: [FH] New Member Theo - Serious Heart Failure

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  • Jean
    Michelle, I m so sorry about Theo. It sounds like an absolutely awful week, and like he had what s called a saddle thrombosis, a clot blocking some of the
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 23, 2009
      Michelle, I'm so sorry about Theo. It sounds like an absolutely awful week,
      and like he had what's called a saddle thrombosis, a clot blocking some of
      the bloodflow to his leg. There's nothing you could have done to prevent it,
      especially with everything being so sudden - even kitties on blood thinners
      have no guarantees. I'm so sorry for your loss. He sounds like a very loved
      kitty who had a wonderful, long life.

      (Email meant for the group below.)

      On Sun, Aug 23, 2009 at 10:46 PM, Michelle Russell

      > Thank you for all who resonded to my post and attempted to help.
      > This came on us so suddenly, that there was no time to study or prepare or
      > know the options.
      > Theo came home from the vet that Wednesday in terrible shake... not
      > breathing well and uncomfortable. Then by Thursday, mid=day, although
      > exhausted, he was better. Then that night he couldn't keep food down and
      > after vomiting again, was in severe distress, having trouble walking,
      > obviously afraid. I think his stomach hurt, but his chest as well. He slept
      > with the fan blowing on him... maybe it helped him breath.
      > I lay on the floor with him all night, but knew we would have to go to the
      > vet in the am and he results would likely not be good. All the money I had
      > saved for my mortgage was already gone. We went and his body temp was 97,
      > his lungs clear, she said, but no pulse in one leg and he was not well...
      > serious. I let him go as I didn't want him to suffer and spoke to him about
      > it... he was suffering, but he wouldn't go over night, thoughI knew he could
      > have... at one point had spasms.
      > There is so much to know about the care of our little friends... well, I
      > called him my cat-son. Here is an obit, a bit long, but in case anyone
      > wants to read about Theo.
      > I wish you all well with your loved ones and I am very grateful for these
      > wonderful Yahoo sites and the kind help from others.
      > Michelle
      > *Theo Russell*
      > (1992 � 2009)
      > It is with deep sorry we announce that on Friday, August 21st, 2009, we
      > lost the most prized member of our household, Theodore cat, 17.
      > Theo, also affectionately known as Tio Mio, Theo-vania, Mr. �T�, and The
      > Thee, was born in Washington, DC, May 1st, 1992. His first mother,
      > Crystal, rescued him and his 1 brother and 6 sisters at the age of two days.
      > Born in one of the worst neighborhoods in DC, Theo�s mother was a victim of
      > homicide.
      > Theo and his siblings were taken to a home on Capitol Hill where they were
      > raised on the bottle by Mommy Crystal and Mommy Michelle. Theo was the
      > eldest and largest of the kittens and named by Crystal, who intended to take
      > him with her, however, when she saw that he and Blossom, a white cat, had
      > fallen in love, she left him with Michelle (not to mention Michelle had
      > fallen in love!)
      > For many years, Theo was a member of the Russell cat trio, Sabrina, Blossom
      > and Theo. They moved to New York, New Jersey and traveled to California,
      > Chicago and Tennessee (among other places) by air, truck and car. Theo and
      > Blossom lived a love-filled life until her death in 2003 from a heart
      > attack. After this, Theo welcomed into his White Haven home, young Pennsy,
      > who looked something like a son of Blossom and Theo. In later years, he also
      > welcomed, Tennie, a lost cat, treating her lovingly as his adopted daughter.
      > Theo loved his life in White Haven. Prior to this time he had never been an
      > outdoors cat, but he took to life in the woods, exploring the beauties and
      > excitements of nature. In recent years, he also enjoyed riding in the car,
      > seating himself on the compartment between the front seats for slow rides in
      > the Pocono Mountain Lake Development. He was head of the household in White
      > Haven, having his own special seat next to his mother Michelle for all her
      > writing, and bossing the household of cats.
      > In recent years, Theo became something of a mini-celebrity via his
      > grandmother-in-law�s book, �Sabrina � The Autobiography of A Cat.�
      > It is impossible to express how much love, care and goodness he filled the
      > home with. He was loved and admired by all who met him. Diagnosed with
      > hyper-thyroid disease in 2008, Theo lost some of his strength and
      > ultimately, his life, to this disease. No words can truly express the deep
      > sorrow and empty space he leaves behind.

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