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Re: [FH] what next???

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  • Carolyn Cohen
    Jean, Thanks for your response. Gaia is on pepcid already but perhaps it could be considered as to whether her dose should be changed now that she is on the
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      Thanks for your response.
      Gaia is on pepcid already but perhaps it could be considered as to whether her dose should be changed now that she is on the pred.I think the pred was helping her appetite which made it more confusing when her appetite dropped off. I am now making sure to check her respiration as I know both the fluids and the pred are not good for heart.
      What you stated is exactly our goal....to keep her as comfortable as possible for as long as possible without torturing her in the meantime.
      You have given me some good things to think about. Thanks again.

      From: Jean <uvagenie@...>
      To: Carolyn Cohen <carolyn.gaia@...>; feline-heart <feline-heart@yahoogroups.com>
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      Hi Carolyn,

      I know there's a lot going on with Gaia, but it does sound optimistic that
      she started eating a bit more when things were tweaked. This is just a
      thought, but when my non-heart kitty tried steroids to try to get her over
      the hump in terms of severe allergies, she had stomach issues due to the
      prednisone. A few weeks of pepcid solved that side effect of the
      long-lasting shot, and when we tried oral prednisone the next month (since
      her soft collar wasn't able to keep her from all the areas of her skin she
      was licking raw) we just went ahead and started the pepcid with the
      prednisone and didn't have any problems. (Not at the same time, since pepcid
      can affect the absorption of meds, but I started them on the same day.)

      I know the more common side effect of prednisone (other than heart/fluid
      retention problems, which I agree with Judi would be smart to watch for just
      in case) is increased appetite, but it can mess with stomach acid and lead
      to upset stomach. At least for my kitty, the pepcid really helped and she
      was eating normally again within maybe half a week or so, and it prevented
      problems from the oral formulation. Prednisone can be problematic, but I
      know with IBD or lymphoma it's probably something you don't have a lot of
      choice but to try. :-/ I don't know if you know for sure the extent of her
      heart issues (if they know whether or not it's just a murmur or if there is
      heart disease), but between the pred and the sub-q fluids it would
      definitely be good to keep an eye on her respiration rate, as Judi
      mentioned. (Just make sure not to panic if you count while she's *awake* and
      it's in the 30s - breathing is always faster when they're awake, alert,
      nauseous, or purring. The 20-30 guideline is for when they're asleep.)

      Good luck - I know there's a lot going on with Gaia, and with her age and
      multiple conditions it's hard to factor in what to do, especially when you
      can't get around the financial reality. But hopefully you and the internist
      can find a balance of meds to keep her feeling well for as long as possible.
      For IBD, I know some kitties can get by on pulse treatment - short courses
      of prednisone during flare-ups - rather than constant prednisone, and that
      mitigates some of the risks. But you would probably want her to be doing
      well before considering that, and if it's gastric lymphoma that's probably
      not how they would dose the prednisone. Right now it sounds more important
      just to find a plan that gets her feeling as well as possible, but that's
      just a thought if it comes up in the future.


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