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Re: PRETTY GIRL --- Super Long - Our Precious Princess, sweet, angel Pretty Girl became and Angel on September 15, 2001

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  • Jan
    To my wonderful Cyber Friends (Family): I have not been able to write this e-mail to you until today. Even now I am already crying. I am attaching my
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      To my wonderful Cyber Friends (Family):

      I have not been able to write this e-mail to you until today. Even now
      I am already crying. I am attaching my previous post about Pretty Girl
      because I just can't bear to relive all of this again. To pick up where the
      post below leaves off...

      Mom and I went to see Pretty Girl and then went back to pick Pretty Girl
      up from the ER Saturday morning (Sept. 15). She looked terrible. Remeber,
      her neck had already been cut and sewed back together by the idiot jerk vet
      the night before. The morning vet who was there when Mom and I went in the
      morning had a better bed-side manner than the vet the night before, but
      before we left, she said Pretty Girl's temp had dropped back down to 97. So
      she had the assistants (who I know have had no training) put "hot water
      bags" (or whatever it is called) in Pretty Girl's carrier. I asked her how
      long they stayed warm. She said they would be cooled off in an hour and a
      half. There was a towel on top of the bags, and then Mom had them put a
      sweatshirt on top of the towel to be more comfortable (softer) for Pretty
      Girl. We then took her and headed for A&M. She cried and we could not
      figure out why. Mom had the door off the carrier so she could hold Pretty
      Girl's paw and comfort her. It crossed my mind more than once to let Mom
      drive and me hold Pretty Girl, but she seemed so fragile, it seemed safer
      for her to stay in her carrier. We made a stop about 1hr and 45 minutes
      later (maybe two hours). Pretty Girl had been meowing and we kept talking
      to her but could never figure out what was wrong. When we stopped I was
      able to see her and realized it looked like she was dying. Remember, she
      was too weak to move. I petted her and tried to give her a little water. I
      thought she might be weak from no food. But she did not want any food at
      all. Stupidly, I still did not take her out of her carrier. We drove about
      45 more minutes and I decided I was going to hold her the rest of the way in
      my lap, even though I know that is dangerous. Mom was telling me she was
      trying to pull herself out of the carrier, but was too weak to. So I took
      Pretty Girl out of the carrier and handed the carrier to Mom. About the
      same time I felt how hot my sweet baby was on one side of her body, Mom
      started screaming the carrier was burning up on her legs. (She had put it
      in her lap after I took Pretty Girl out). The IDIOTS had put bags in the
      carrier that were WAY TOO HOT. It was now well over two hours down the road
      and the bags were still hot (not cooled off as the vet said they would be).
      The bags did not even have water. It was some kind of solution. And they
      were NOT water bags. They were stupid bags like sub-qs come in. So in
      addition to burning up in her carrier she was uncomfortable and too weak to
      move. And whatever fluid was in the stuid bags, the fluid held the heat
      FOREVER. Our poor angel was dying in the car with us and we did not even
      know. She was crying and we could not figure out what was wrong. She
      looked so weak, we thought she was safest in her carrier until we got to
      over driving and of course right in front of us was a wreck. They let us go
      around even though they were closing the road off. I was on the phone with
      the A&M vet because I knew our baby was dying. I was already getting water
      on my hands and rubbing it on Pretty Girl. The vet said to get a towel, get
      it damp a little at a time and put it on Pretty Girl. The STUPID ER had
      sent our baby's iv bag with her, (and she still had the horrible catheter
      in her leg). The A&M vet on the phone tried to walk me through hooking it
      up, but the idiots had not sent any needles with the bag. Finally, I'm just
      holding Pretty Girl and sobbing and Mom's sobbing and we're telling her to
      hang in there. And when she was gagging and convulsing I kept moving her
      around trying to keep her with us instead of letting her die. There was
      never such a helpless feeling in the world. I was desprately trying to keep
      her alive. In the last 10 or 20 seconds (or I don't even know how long) I
      knew there was nothing in this world Mom or I or the vet could do. I just
      held her and we talked to her and told her we love her. It was so ugly.
      She gagged and convulsed. I felt her last breath. I felt her body stop.
      Just stop working. It was awful. I knew she did not have much time left on
      earth and I did not want her to be alone when she died. But I never wanted
      her to be stressed when she died. I could have accepted her death had she
      not suffered on the so-called "hot water bottles." She had been on them a
      lot of the night at the ER. I got her temp up from 96 to 100 on a heating
      pad at home before she went to ER. But that was monitored. It was on low
      heat. I would turn the heat off for awhile and then turn it on for a few
      minutes so she would not get too hot. Those idiots just stuck her on them
      and left her. They got her temp from the 100 to 100.5, but then it dropped
      to 97. In the med records for the night some IDIOT said she was grooming
      herself at one point. Pretty Girl had not groomed herself since she went
      blind July 24th of this year. If they had had a brain, they would have seen
      that she was slapping and clawing at her face because her tooth/ulcer in her
      mouth was bothering her. At home I could rub it and make it feel better.
      awful shape, but before they were cleaned (scraped only with no sedative or
      anything) she never had any pain. But after they were cleaned she would
      slap her face and lost hair on that side of her face and on her paw because
      of it. A&M said it looked like an ulcer and her teeth were probably so
      bad the build-up was also on the inside of her mouth. Her teeth had not
      been cleaned once she was older for various reasons.) We had an autopsy
      done. All the results are not in yet. We do know (last I heard) it was
      heart failure; however, the cardiologist thinks the hot fluid bags were too
      much stress for her heart and that is what killed her. I hate those people
      at the ER. Hate them. She should have never had all that suffering.

      I really think that between the diarreah and lasix/spironolactone to keep
      the fluids from building up in her chest cavity, she got weak from
      dehydration. I know she needed to be warmed up (but not burned to death)
      because her temp was so low. The vets said that at 94 (and I think 95) the
      cats can die because there body won't function properly. I wish I had
      taken her home and let her die at home, but then I would have felt I did not
      do everything I could. I then wish I had taken her to A&M Friday night and
      not messed with the ER, but if she had died I would have felt that was a
      mistake. Esp. when A&M had told me to take her to ER to be sure she was not
      throwing clots. Which brings up another point. I called A&M from my cell
      and handed it to the idiot vet who cut or let her throat be cut. He had the
      A&M vet (not the A&M cardiologist) hang up so he could call him from the ER
      office and charge a $50 "consultation fee." He could have charged that
      talking on my cell instead of wasting time playing "hang up and let me call
      you." Then the cardiologist told me when she called ER she was told I had
      already taken Pretty Girl home!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I had followed my gut
      instinct and taken Pretty Girl home when I told the idiot vet to give her to
      me to take home right after he told me her throat was slit. For 30 minutes
      I waited and they did not bring her. Then when I told them I wanted my cat
      he went through this song and dance about how medically that's not the best
      thing, but morally maybe it is. (Implying if I took her home she would die
      and leaving her there would save her). I knew better, but I was trying so
      hard to help her and do what was best. He told me, "Your A&M vet will tell
      you how often they're throats get cut and sewn back together." Well, I
      asked her and she looked shocked, but then covered and said it is possible
      when their skin is thin. My own vet asked if the ER vet told me he was
      doing a "cutting." This is when the vet CUTS the skin to look for a vein.
      I said, "no." My vet thought that was probably what happened. Well hello,
      they found one in her leg with no problem after they slit her throat.
      Anyway...I am so sorry to be blabbing about all this, but I know you guys
      understand because so many of you have been there. And I don't want the
      same thing to happen to any other cat ever again!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH
      IS WHAT GAVE US THE EXTRA 6 WEEKS OR SO. It was not much, but it was still
      time with our Pretty Girl that we would not have had otherwise.

      Per the P.S. at the bottom of the message below, Pretty Girl's regular vet
      did call the morning of the 15th.

      Thank you all again. You are all such wonderful, caring people.


      P.S. Hope this makes sense. I can't proof-read it because I just can't
      stand to relive it again right now.
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      Subject: Re: question; weak legs, but not thowing clots - Pretty Girl at ER

      > Hey guys -
      > Although my attention is also with the national tragedy, I still have to
      > help my kitty. That's why I'm turning to you guys again. She spent the
      > night in ER last night and is still there. As most of you know she has
      > had fluid on her lungs, etc in the past and had to have it tapped, had
      > hyper-T.....and is on ton of meds. About Tuesday or Wednesday she started
      > to be constipated, but could finally go. Then Wednesday or Thursday she
      > seemed to have just runny diarreah that got everywhere she went.
      > or Thursday, I came home at lunch and she was actually on the bed (she now
      > uses a box near the bed to get on the bed). She had not done that on her

      > own since we got back from A&M. Well Friday at lunch I came in to check
      > her and she seemed to be in a ton of pain from things being such a mess
      > under her tail (swollen...) I had already cleaned her off. She seemed to
      > walk a bit wobbly, but I thought it was from her being in such discomfort
      > under her tail. I went ahead and took her to the vet about 1:30 pm and
      > picked her up about 6 or so (when he finally had a chance to look at her
      > closely). He said to give her two ccs kaopectate for the diarrea and try
      > to get her temp up as it was at 96 degrees. (Apparently they start dying
      > at 95 and 94 degrees...) (She could still walk a bit then, because the
      > gave her some vitamen stuff on the roof of her mouth because she had not
      > been eating much the past couple of days. She jerked her head from him
      > walked into her pet carrier. (My sweet baby). Took my baby home,
      > her in a towel, and made her eat about 20 or 30 ccs as she is down to 3
      > 3 ounces (used to be a 6 or 7 lb kitty). Then put her on top of a
      > sweatshirt that was on top of a heating pad (turned on low and then turned
      > off every so often so as not to "cook" her). Then put a sweatshirt on top
      > of her to cover her. She started lifting her head a bit later so I put
      > in the bedroom on a towel (covered) near her food, water and litter. Left
      > her 5 or 10 mins and came back. She was determined to get back to the
      > tile of the bathroom floor (which is actually where the water and litter
      > and she had knocked over a waterdish and was laying in the spilled water.
      > Picked her up, warmed her up again and sat with her. Called A&M. The
      > to see if her back legs were weak compared to the front. I stood her up.
      > she tried to walk with front paws and back legs went down. They said get
      > her to ER to be safe. (About 9:30 pm) At ER learned she has her pulses in
      > back legs so it's not a clot, but she is dehydrated (from the lasix and
      > other potassium sparing diuretic). They put her on oxygen and are iv'ing
      > her fluid at 1/4 to 1/2 maintenance after conferring with A&M. Does
      > know what this could mean? By the time she got to ER her temp was back to
      > 100 degrees and later (early this morning was 100.5 degrees (should be
      > Could she just be exhausted from lack of fluid and the diarreah?
      > Don't know if I should drive three hours to A&M or not.
      > I hate this. Hate it hate it hate it. I can't stand to watch her die.
      > is just too sweet. Before the stupid ER even knew if she needed meds they
      > stuck a catheter in her and CUT HER SKIN (allegedly skin) on her neck near
      > her JUGLAR!!! What incompetence. I hate them and she is there right now.
      > They actually had to give her stitches for it. This vet is horrible also
      > (so far as his bedside manner anyway).
      > Mom came up now. So we are going to see Pretty Girl and try to decide if
      > should take her to A&M or what. I'm almost afraid she just needs to come
      > home and rest. I just don't know. Anything like this happened to you
      > I'm so sorry to ramble. Thanks for being such great people. I could not
      > have made it this far if it was not for you guys. I rely on you guys more
      > than the vets.
      > Thanks.
      > Jan
      > P.S. I have a call in to her regular vet that saw her yesterday, but he
      > with a patient. Probably won't be til after noon when I hear from him I'm
      > afraid.
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