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Re: [FH] Blood test

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  • Jean
    Blood work is usually pretty quick - at my vet s I can just make a lab appointment for it. My heart kitty initially did ok with tests (his first echo and
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 4, 2009
      Blood work is usually pretty quick - at my vet's I can just make a lab
      appointment for it. My heart kitty initially did ok with tests (his first
      echo and initial bloodwork) until he started feeling so much better and
      having more energy from the pimobendan - then he would fight it. He's the
      most easy-going cat in the world, but they do have to restrain them to an
      extent for blood draws and echos, and THAT he started to fight. One thing
      that I was really glad my primary vet did that time was to go back and tell
      the techs to give him a break to chill out and relax before trying again, to
      be as quick as possible, and that in her opinion it wasn't worth getting the
      blood if it looked like it would destablize him. So that's something to
      maybe consider when you go - make sure whoever is taking the blood knows
      that Sasha is fragile, to be as quick as possible, and that if she gets
      stressed to either take a break or stop altogether.

      I'm guessing that they want to check blood levels before potentially upping
      the lasix to make sure that her kidneys are handling it ok? I empathize with
      putting it off - after his last bad blood draw and then totally destablizing
      fighting restraint during his follow-up echo, he was given orders to not
      have any more checkups, and all meds would be adjusted just based on how he
      seemed to be feeling since it wasn't worth the risk of destabilization. The
      blood draw is generally quick, but you can always tell them that you're not
      interested if it seems like it's going south - and then either way keep an
      eye on her and her breathing at home for the next few days.

      I think Kristen mentioned the possibility of having someone draw the blood
      at home - if that's feasible, it would probably be the least-stressful way
      to get the blood sample. I was surprised to find out that my primary vet
      practice does do home visits (it never occurred to me before hearing about
      them on this list), but they do cost significantly more.

      I'm glad the injection seems to have helped her - hopefully everything will
      go well on Friday, it should be a quick trip. But if it does seem to stress
      her out too much, or she starts wheezing while there (what happened to
      Patches during his echo - he was on increased lasix doses at home for a few
      days and did manage to stay out of the hospital), it probably isn't worth
      continuing for the sample. Patches' blood draw (maybe two weeks before the
      echo) went pretty poorly, and they were concerned and advised me to keep a
      close eye on his breathing for a few days, but he was fine as soon as it was
      over and didn't have any problems - I think it was the more extended
      restraint for the echo that pushed him over the edge, whereas the blood draw
      was completed much faster. So hopefully things will go smoothly!

      Good luck!

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