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Re: [FH] Update on Isabella

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  • Jean
    Hi Mary, I m so sorry for what you and Isabella are going through. I haven t had experience with a clot myself, though it s probably my biggest fear due to my
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 4, 2009
      Hi Mary,

      I'm so sorry for what you and Isabella are going through. I haven't had
      experience with a clot myself, though it's probably my biggest fear due to
      my kitty's severe heart enlargement and risk for it. From what I've seen on
      this list, some do make it through with a slow recovery period and some
      don't. With Isabella's age and other conditions (I don't know if she's
      stable or if they expect the cancer to overwhelm her in the not-distant
      future), her comfort and whether or not she seems to be in pain may be
      useful factors to consider - some kitties are in tremendous pain from clots
      and saddle thromboses, and others don't seem to be despite the impairment
      that is caused.

      I don't know if it matters, practically speaking, but in humans cancer also
      makes clotting events much more likely. I would be concerned about the IV
      fluids with heart disease, as they can be very hard on heart kitties and
      lead to fluid retention and congestive heart failure, but I'm curious as to
      whether or not the saddle thrombosis is due to her heart disease progressing
      or part of the cancer process. (If it's the cancer, the IV fluids wouldn't
      be as big of a red flag, although hopefully they're only using them
      as-needed and watching her respiration rate and for any fluid retention.)
      The stress of hospitalization or any pain she's in could also increase her
      risk of congestive heart failure (again, particularly if her heart disease
      did progress enough to be the cause of the clot) - my cousin's older kitty
      threw a saddle thrombosis right before Thanksgiving, which was the first
      they knew about her heart disease, and she made it through immediate
      treatment to come home and continue treatment out-patient. But a few days
      later my cousin came home and found her struggling to breathe, and she wound
      up dying that night of congestive heart failure. (Which she'd also never
      had, nor did she have immediately following the saddle thrombosis so she
      wasn't on lasix.) They were heartbroken, of course, and there's no way to
      know how fully she would have recovered from the saddle thrombosis if she
      hadn't gone into congestive heart failure. But based on her experience, that
      is something that I would want to watch out for with the stress already on
      her body - my kitty went into congestive heart failure abut two weeks before
      my cousin's got sick, and we didn't know he had heart disease until he was
      in the oxygen tank receiving treatment, and he came through that well and
      has been managed fine at home on lasix and other heart meds since. But the
      CHF is something that you want to catch as early as possible, and something
      I'd ask the vets about (in terms of signs to look for, such as counting
      Isabella's respiration rate while she's asleep, etc) if she comes home. It
      would be extra heartbreaking to think she's made it through all these crises
      to have something else crop up.

      I don't know if any of this is relevant or what may have changed since you
      emailed this morning - we'll be thinking about you and Isabella. I think
      Kristen had good advice when she suggested going to see her at the vet's -
      if she's in a place where you're unsure of what to do, seeing how she's
      feeling and doing may help you, and will certainly be comforting regardless
      to know that you visited and spent time with her. Whatever decision you
      make, given her vets' advice and how she's feeling, will be in her best
      interests and the right decision for both of you.

      Good luck, and I hope that no matter what Isabella is comfortable and not
      too stressed at the vet's - my heart kitty was happy as a clam in his oxygen
      chamber, just chilling out - as long as he wasn't being restrained for a
      test or poked with needles, he was pretty chill once he's there and settled
      in in his own little "room." We'll be thinking about you and Isabella.


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    • janie
      I sure hope she is better. Yes I had a cat with it in 1999 but this is 2009. First he thinks it is a clot? He would be able to tell by the pulse or cold. My
      Message 2 of 5 , Aug 4, 2009
        I sure hope she is better. Yes I had a cat with it in 1999 but this is
        2009. First he thinks it is a clot? He would be able to tell by the
        pulse or cold. My cats legs were cold. She was panting too. I dont
        know how far you want to go but it sounds like you need a
        cardiologist. Maybe even a vet who is in the emergency room and sees
        this. My vet was new and didnt see it and the er dr did. If you are
        near a university like in Indiana we have Purdue small animal hospital
        which is what he could send you to as an emergency and you have the
        best of all drs in one building. I am a little afraid of giving a
        heart cat fluids. If she is stable they need to do an ultra sound to
        determine what is wrong with the heart. You didnt say what kind of
        heart problem you had? If it was my Boomer I would be on my way to
        Purdue. I have had 5 cats with HCM and one threw a clot. I had a cat
        fall off the dresser and acted just like the one who had the blood
        clot. He just hurt his leg. I could tell the dif. Why does he say it
        is a clot? Your kitty is older I have my Boomer who is 15 and I pray
        every day she is still here and she isn't sick but I know being older
        is scary. I hope by this writing she is better and if you did decide
        to put her to sleep then it would be ok. I think she needs a vet who
        knows what he is doing. He said he had no experience in this cant he
        send you someplace. Prayers for you all. Lots of cats have recovered
        from this on this site and some dont but there is so many things to do
        but he sounds like he is guesing.Are you near a university who has vet
        school? Good luck and prayers for you and your kitty. Janie
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