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Re: inhalers

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  • katy4282003
    it took belle about 7 days of flovent to see improvement. i would also suggest that pearl get a rescue inhaler as well (proair is one). flovent helps
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      it took belle about 7 days of flovent to see improvement. i would also suggest that pearl get a rescue inhaler as well (proair is one). flovent helps inflammation while a rescue inhaler (bronchodilator) opens the airways quickly, this is used during an asthma attack or if you want to flovent to go a bit deeper you give it 10 minutes or so before the flovent. i did this with belle for the first 5 days per belle's internist recomendation. albuterol (aka resuce inhaler) does speed up the heart rate for a time and is why i only gave for 5 days but belle needed it and it was a scary time. she rarely needs the rescue inhaler now- maybe 5-6 times in 2 plus years but i always have it on hand just in case. flovent did wonders for belle, i was truly scared. you will need a spacer- i use an aerokat


      i would talk to your vet about the rescue inhaler as well, this might be helpful for pearl but i would ask. do you belong to the feline asthma groups?




      another good site is: http://www.fritzthebrave.com/

      i do not mind you writing me at all. i hope i helped you and pearl.
      if you have more questions for me do not hesitate to ask.
      katy & belle

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, Mmayer11 <mmayer11@...> wrote:
      > Katy,
      > I hope you will not mind that I am writing to you privately, as well as to the group. I read your post to Feline-Heart with the greatest of interest today. I was about to leave to take my Pearl to the vet...the last visit...the hardest of all...when I read your description regarding inhalers and Flovent.
      > I printed out links that I followed thanks to your post, and took these to our vet this afternoon. Instead of putting Pearl down, our vet gave Pearl a shot of dex, and pills to administer to her at home for the next few days. He has ordered the inhaler and Flovent with the understanding that it takes some time...7--10 or so days...for this inhaled medication to reach its full benefit.
      > Pearl is not a heart kitty per se. Her damaged lungs are her problem. She does not have asthma, but her lungs [as are her two son's lungs...to be exact were in Izzy's case. He died of it and heart complications in March] are severely impaired.
      > These last week with the humidity we are having here in CT...even with A/C...she began to struggle. In fact she has only begun to show signs of distress recently. I did not even know before this that she was at risk. But it has been down hill since Tuesday of this week. We have her on Lasix since Tues....and that has helped to clear her lungs of fluid. But again, she is struggling.
      > My question to you is/or to anyone else who has had success with inhalers, nebulizers, etc. ...once you began to treat your kitty, how long did it take to turn the severe symptoms around?
      > Tonight Pearl is no better after meds. Are my expectations that she could rally with *only* a shot of dex and Lasix, too high. I know each kitty's case is different. But I would be so grateful to read of your experience.
      > many thanks in advance,
      > Marianna
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